6 Weeks No Symptoms Amp Spotting Worried

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lacey3 - June 30

Hi. This is my first pregnancy and I am 6 weeks. I am worried because I have had light, brownish spotting and no pregnancy symptoms other than lots of saliva in my mouth. My br___ts are totally normal and I don't really feel sick. My next doctors appointment is in a week. Should I be worried????


mjvdec01 - June 30

Brown blood is old blood and usually nothing to worry about. Just take it easy until your appointment and stay off your feet as much as possible. It is probably just some left over blood from implantation. Chances are, everything is fine. If the bleeding becomes bright red then I would call the nurse at your OB's office. Also, don't worry if you don't see the heartbeat at your appointment next week. A lot of times it isn't visible until 8 weeks. I will be 37 weeks on thursday, with our second child. Our daughter is almost 2 and a half. Congratulations!!!


ecb88 - June 30

im only 7 weeks and i had spotting around 5wk when i called the doctor she said that it was normal, your uterus is very sensative right now so it can be from anything really, bowel movements coughin etc can cause it. That made me a little more calm when she said that. I hope it helps, and good luck, seems like we're kind of in the same boat. and thank you too mjvdec01 hearing that about the u/s and hb makes me feel a lot better. I went in last week for an u/s at 7w1d and didnt see a heartbeat, this is my 2nd pregnancy but i had a mc in my last one. just knowing you may not see it till wk8 makes me feel a LOT better! Thank you!


lacey3 - June 30

Thanks heaps for your answers, I'm trying not to stress out and I'm taking it easy. I have been sneezing heaps, maybe that's the cause?!


mjvdec01 - July 1

Yeah, it drives me crazy that some doctors are doing ultrasounds so early. If you wait until 8 weeks and you see nothing then you know for sure that it wasn't a viable pregnancy, as apposed to getting an earlier ultrasound and then having to worry yourself to death for 3 or more weeks. Some OB's are doing them as early as 5 week, which in my opinion is just cruel. As a mother, when you go to your first ultrasound you want to see something alive, and what is more alive than a beating heart?!?! The bleeding you are experiencing could also be from your cervix. In pregnancy it can become irritated easily and bleed a little, no big deal. ecb88, I am so sorry to hear about your previous loss. I wish you both a happy and healthy baby. If you have other questions about anything at all, I am here all the time. Congratulations!!


flowergirls - July 1

Hi lacey3, I am in the same EXACT boat. I am 6 weeks and have absolutely no symptoms. With my first 2 I had very sore b___sts and was very very tired from the very beginning but this time around I feel just the way I normally do. Oh well one huge difference is that my psoriasis is at an absolute worst. I had a bit just before pregnancy but right after I completely 'broke out" everywhere. Its very yucky.


clindholm - July 1

Lacey- It's always a good idea to call your doctor if you see any blood at all. It's probably fine, but any bleeding during pregnancy should be reported to your doctor. Good luck and congrats.


mcbee - July 1

I would call your doctor just so he/she knows what's going on. Don't worry - they're used to moms-to-be being paranoid!


lacey3 - July 12

Just wanted to say thanks for peoples responses. I had a scan yesterday (7 wks 4 days) and everything was normal & we got to hear the heartbeat.



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