6 Weeks Pregnant SO SICK Please Help Me

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Tiffany - November 11

Dear everyone, I am 6 weeks pregnant, already had my exam and doc says everything is normal. But I am severe pain with nausea. No vomiting or diahrrea, but I feel so sick I can barely move. I have a cold sweat right now, but my temp is 98.5 or so. I have goosebumps, I go from hot to cold in seconds, On a scale of 1-100 of pain and discomfort I am a 200! I called my doc today telling her I can't take the pain and nausea anymore. I can't possibly deal with 6 more weeks of this and I stay home all the time! She prescribed Pepcid. She said it may help the nausea and low chest discomfort I have. I feel like I have no energy and I feel like I am going to vomit EVERY SECOND. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME HELP. I am doing everything I read online: bands, ginger gum, rest, bland frequent meals every 2 hrs, NOTHING IS HELPING!


LG - November 11

I got very sick around 6 weeks as well.. It turned out I was actually having twins. If the pepcid doesn't help ask your dr about Zofran. Its commonly prescribed for women who are having worse than normal morning sickness. My morning sickness got so bad that I lost 22 lbs and had to be hosbpitalized, but once they gave me the zofran I was at least able to some what function. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! My morning sickness finally went away when I hit about 4 months.. Good luck!


S - November 11

What about Diclectin... have you tried that? Thats what the doctors give us up in Ontario Canada. I dont know where you are from, but I know a couple friends that got diclectin. I wasn't sick so I didn't need it, but that seems to be the drug of choice here in Toronto.


Dia - November 11

Hi Tiffany...I am like you and it is the worst thing in the world (it seems like...). It is almost like some type of punishment...being so sick, then being so hungry you are sick...then the thought of food, smell of food, anything makes you gag horribly. I have been sick since week 7 and I am about to hit week 10 and it has been absolutely miserable. However, I was vomiting so severly I was hospitalized for IV's. I have stopped vomiting, but feel like I could if I moved an inch. Thank goodness I don't have a job I have to go to! I work from home and am also a graduate student. My grades are suffering as I can hardly think about reading or writing. Hang in there...and let me know if anything works for you!


Tiffany - November 11

Dia, Pepcid, which I took today with my doc's prescription reduced my sick feeling by about 70-80%. I still have some pain and a little nausea but nothing like before. I suggest you try something along those lines. Pepcid keeps the stomach acids down, thereby preventing most of your nausea.


Renee - November 11

Tiffany, My gosh...I'm so sorry to hear all of this. I too was ill during my 5th, 6th and 7th week of pregnancy. I'm just entering my 8th week, and am feeling better. The only thing htat worked for me was eating dry Saltine Crackers. I HATE THEM NOW, but it did work. What you have sounds much more severe. My doctor told me that once your hormones balance themselves out, thats when you feel better. I hope your hormones balance themselves out. I PROMISE - it will NOT last forever. It doesn't even have to last for your whole first trimester. Ok? Sending you a cyber hug ..... Good luck.


Stephanie - November 13

I am having the same problem. I am constantly vomitting and have very little energy to function throughout the day. I feel bad because I already have 2 little ones and barely have enough energy to give them a bath, let alone play with them.



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