6 Weeks Slow Heartbeat

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ekay - January 26

Okay I went for my u/s and I am supposed to be 6wks5days or something like that. The heartbeat seemed slow- (4th pg-I should know) My doctor didn't seemed concerned at all!!! She didn't even schedule a followup. Is she not being very thorough or am I over reacting. I don't know exactly what the heart rate was, I just know it seemed pretty damn slow to me. She was just like "Oh well the heart is beating, so that's good, Just come back if you start to bleed. " What the h__l! I am actually very agitated at this. I just had a m/c and I needed today either to be a go for being happy or preparing for the worst. Now I am still stuck in freaking limbo. Can anyone please offer any advice-I really need to sleep tonite. :( Your truly-the still paranoid ekay


Nikki - January 26

Oh dont make yourself stressed out. Thats probably one of the worst things you could do. I'm sure if there was a major problem she would have brought it to your attention. stay positive! :)


Sar - January 26

You seen a heart beat! thats great. thats the important part was that it was there!


stacey - January 27

that happened to me as well, and I was going crazy! My dr. finally told me that the heartbeat was 98. He said it could go either way, but that it might have been early and the heart was still forming. I look at it as some people don't even see the heartbeat yet. I go back today for an ultrasound, so I'll let you know how it turned out.


rhonmur - January 27

I had a slower rate at my ultrasound also. I was 6 w 1d preg at the time. My doctor on the other hand sort of stressed me out about my hcg levels the week before and then again with the heartbeat. I spoke with the ob nurse, she rea__sured me not to worry, this is a different experience for everyone and a heartbeat is great at that time, the heart has just begun to beat at this time. Don't stress


stacey - January 27

I just found out that I did lose my baby. The heartbeat stopped, and the growth wasn't right. Hope you have better circ_mstances!


ekay - January 27

Gee, Stacey, now I'll really be able to sleep at night.


ekay - January 27

I'm sorry, that was rude. I truly am sorry for your loss, I am just super cranky and stressed.


stacey - January 28

well, if it's any consolation, I had read about alot of people hearing a strong heartbeat at their next ultrasound.


Yami - February 1

I also had a terrible experience with my OB, such that I have switched doctors asap. One week, I am informed my HCG levels are low and the next week when I do a first U/S, the heartbeat of the baby is slow. I was informed by an excellent friend of mine, who is a Gynecologist Oncologist, that doctors should be only monitoring to see if a heartbeat is present, not monitoring the actual heartbeats per minute. Hope this helps! :-)


ekay - February 1

Thanks, Yami, that does make me feel better. How many weeks are you now and is everything still going okay? I hope it is! :)


Valerie - February 1

Hi ekay. Can you ask for another ultrasound next week? That's what they are doing for me. Last week, I had an u/s at 6 wks 4days and they saw "cardiac activity". But they also saw some blood near the fetus and they think I might have a tear. I go back tomorrow for another us. Just knowing that I'm getting another u/s and not "waiting till I start bleeding" atleast has given me a focus. Maybe if you knew you were getting an us next week, you'd have more peace. My prayers are with you. By the way, I read on a site today that once they see cardiac activity, your chance of mc drops to 5% (15% if you have recurrent mc). This is my 7th preg - I have 2 daughters.


ekay - February 1

Hi Valerie, I have an u/s on Friday. (I HATE the wait!!!) I should be 8 weeks. I cannot imagine your losses and I am so sorry for that. Did they tell you what the bpm were, or did they just note cardiac activity. I might be jumping the gun here, but I always thought their little hearts were supposed to be racing by this time. What are they going to do IF there is a tear, and a tear from where I wonder? Well, my prayers are with you and sorry if this seems like 20 questions. I am just so paranoid. I don't think I could handle another miscarriage. It's like in the back of my head I know everything is okay, I just have to be 100% certain. I always rea__sured myself too after my last m/c that everything was gonna be fine the next time, and here I am freaking out! Let me know how your u/s goes and best of luck to you!


Valerie - February 1

Hi ekay. When I was getting the u/s, they called the radiologist in and he said that they think they saw cardiac activity, but he wanted me to come back. The report that he sent my ob said the the hb was somewhere between 119 and 142. I can not wait to go tomorrow morning. Hopefully, they will see a good hb and no bleeding. In response to the tear, I've been on bedrest for the past 2 weeks. As much bedrest as you can be on with a 2 and a 4 year old!


ekay - February 2

Hey Valerie, let me know how everything goes! I am hoping for the best.


Valerie - February 2

Hi Ekay. According to my dates and the dates from the last 4 u/s, I should be at 7w3d, but today they saw the baby, hb was 138 bpm and it measured 6w6d. The doctor told me that at 6 and 7 weeks, a lot of it is subject to the technicians measurements and not to worry, and I asked her what about a slow hb. SHe said that mine was not slow but that slow hbs this early are not a concern. hope that is rea__suring for you :)


ekay - February 2

How exciting for you!!! So I guess you just had your dates a little off? What did they say about the tear? I am so glad everything came back wonderful. Now all I have to do is wait 2 more days!!!



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