6 Weeks With Empty Sac As Seen During Vaginal Ultrasound

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Autumn Michelle - August 19

Thank you for your responses!I have wonderful news to report..my doc called a few hours ago and said everything is normal.i am 6wks6days and there is a heartbeat!!i think i just got myself all worked up.i am so nervous about the road ahead.i am just trying to stay positive!i guess it was too early last week. i will be thinking of you all and i will check in.


Karen to Autumn Michelle - August 20

That is such great news Autumn Michelle! Bet you feel a million percent better eh! I just posted to an alternate site and explained that for a week or more all I did was worry and for what - we had a great u/s yesterday! I've decided to change my way of thinking and try to be positive as opposed to pessimistic. Its better for me, my husband and definitely to the little one growing inside of me. I also had to remember that I was born only 3 lbs - and today I am a healthy, and lets not forget to mention, pregnant woman! I want to enjoy this pregnancy regardless of its outcome...why excessively worry - I know we can't cut it out altogether but I would rather spend time preparing and bonding than worrying...does this make sense?! Congratulations Autumn Michelle and to all the pregnant ladies here...take care...


tayla b - August 20

I also experienced that...but went back the next week and sure enough they (twins) were there...nobody could explain it..


vivi - August 23

hi melanie, I too had the same experience, it is called Blighted ovum.I donot want to scare you but just sharing my experience, it was empty in my 8th wk USG and 10th wk USG found dead tissue. So underwent abortion in the same week recovering from it now. I want to know if u had any nausea at all? I never had and was not urinating very frequently. I wish all the very best and keep my fingures crossed . vivi


Nelly - August 24

I'm 7 weeks and 3 days after my LMP. I had 1st sono at 6 wks dr. confirmed pregnancy and had no conserns. I had my 2nd sono yesterday and Dr. saw just empty sac. I did another sono yesterday with another Dr. (my dr. sent me for second opinion) but they didn't see anything either. I'm heartbroken, but I don't have any cramp (maybe yet). He suggested DHC saying that there is no chance. I don't know what to do! Maybe I should wait one more week or wait till first cramps. Did anyone have miracle happend? Good luck to all.


Karen - August 24

Nelly - if you are not bleeding and having no cramping - would it hurt to wait another week or so? I know I've read several stories throughout this forum where women made the choice to wait it out and in some cases, the waiting paid off. Go to the pregnancy complications site here - read these women's stories. It may help you decide. I was told at 4 weeks and 2 days that my levels were too low - now I am 6 weeks and four days and have a yolk sac and a heartbeat! Consult with your doc on what is best for your health. I wish you all the best.


Diana - September 1

Im about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant and the doctors cant find anything in my sac either i very worried because i get minor cramps and have bleed but very light pink im very worried they dont really tell me anything positive just the negative stuff im just so terified of losing my baby im just hoping that time will tell and everything will work out but im worried about the pains are they normal?


zlu - March 1

are people still posting messages to this board?


Jessmom2 - March 1

Ladies, please keep in mind that doctors go from the first day of your last period, which actully means that your days of ovulation were about 10 to 14 days after that, so if your doctor is saying that your say 6 weeks preg. by your period date then actully your only 4 weeks preg. and there will be an empty sack until about 51/2 weeks to sometimes 61/2 weeks preg. all babies develope diffrently some slower then others, please give your babies a few weeks before you elect. to have a d/c or and a second opinon because a doctor is after all only human and mistakes can be made also your body might just be slow to the preg. lift-off, Best wishes to you all and my Very heart felt sorrow for those who have suffered losses. Jessica mother of two preg. with 3rd 8 weeks due Oct. 12 2006


tanya - March 2

I am 4-5 weeks no yolk sac or fetal pole seen just a gest. sac. Should I worry ? I have had 3 miscarriages, one in which was a month ago???


Chas - March 20

I am soo glad I found this thread! A lot of the stories give me hope! I had a v____al US today, this was my first visit. We have been trying for 14 mos. The nurse practioner was so nice, I think she felt sorry for me and went ahead and got the ultrasound for my piece of mind. I haven't had any cramps or spotting, I just wanted to know that everything was ok. Well, she did the pelvic exam and said my uterus seemed a little smaller than 7 wks. So the ultrasound put me @ 6wks 3 days. Gestational sac and yolk sac, but nothing inside !! I have been crying since I left the office. I'm starting to feel a little better after reading some of your posts. I go back in a week. This is going to be the longest week ever !! Please pray for us, and I will pray for you guys too !!


Chas - March 21

Does anyone have any encouraging updates ??


michellep - March 21

You might want to read the other thread "only sac no h/b at 5 w 5 d?im worried" There were a lot of similar stories on that thread and a lot of the pregnancies turned out fine. They just had to wait longer to see anything. My doctor doesn't do an ultrasound until 8-10 weeks into the pregnancy. Maybe that is why?


Kerr - March 23

Chas...Dont worry...I too was in the ER on 3-20 for mild spotting and cramping. I had a positive urine on 3-13/3-15. I had a positive blood test on 3-20. My beta was 8428 @ 9:30 pm on 3-20. On 3-21 my beta was 10069 @ 11am. On 3-22 my beta was 14569 @ 4pm. Now I was looking for an 11wk pregnancy because I dont remember my dates in January only December (oops) so I was way way off. I had an U/S both abdom/vag at the ER and they saw nothing but an empty uterus. I FREAKED OUT!. I went for an U/S today and they saw the gestational sac and yolk sac (i saw the yolk sac my self during the vag u/s) and my doc a__sures me my dates are off and that I am officially perfect at 5 weeks today! Keep your head up and just give it time. It only took two days and someone really looking trans vag for something and they found it. Please dont give up.


blessedmomma - April 26

Hi everyone... I feel so blessed to have foud this site... i have been going through the wait of finding one empty sac at 6 weeks....and i also had another one that was right on schedule and they found a very faint yolk sac in there... well i went back today (exactly 1 week later-7 weeks along) and they not only were the same size... they both had very visible yolk sacs, fetal poles and HEARTBEATS! we couldn't be more happy... or so we thought... until he told us that he found another sac that was still growing, but hadn't developed anything visible, but could have been hidden by the other two! wow! i can't believe this! i just thought someone might could use the encouragement! thank you to the previous posters for sharing your stories! i truly appreciate it!!!!!!!!


kelli earnest - August 11

i am 13 weeks pregnant and i was in a very bad car wreck i was told by the doctor that my baby's sac had torn away from the uterus wall and i am really scared i dont know what my risk are of losing my baby or my baby being a full term baby i wish i had the answers



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