6 Weeks With Empty Sac As Seen During Vaginal Ultrasound

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kelli earnest - August 11

i am 13 weeks pregnant and i was in a very bad car wreck i was told by the doctor that my baby's sac had torn away from the uterus wall and i am really scared i dont know what my risk are of losing my baby or my baby being a full term baby i wish i had the answers


sonia989 - September 29

I was posting on this site a few months ago when I had an empty sac. It didn't turn out to well for me. For one, we knew the exact date since it was through ivf, and they were using v____al u/s so visualization was prety clear and at 7 weeks there was still nothing in there. I finally did miscarry at about 8 weeks (LMP) and there really was nothing in it. I had a bad feeling from the start cause along with my empty sac u/sounds, my beta levels were really abnormally low and slow. I just had another ivf transfer 5 days ago of 2 beautiful perfect little embies, so wish me luck!


vnts - January 9

Hi, I am new to this forum. I had my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in Aug 05. I got pregnant again and this time my doctor put me on progesterone supplements (3 shots per week). I went for my first ultrasound last saturday and they saw the sac but no sign of baby. On Monday, doctor confirmed that I have had another miscarriage. However, she wanted me to do another HCG test. Last evening, I got another voice mail from my doctors office that my HCG levels were at 38,000 which is puzzling. She wants me to do another ultra sound after 10 days to confirm the miscarriage. I am so confused right now. I don't want my hopes to get high but at the same time, I am hoping that I am still pregnant. My dilemma is progesterone supplements. Doctos told me that it is ok if I do not want the supplements anymore. She left this decision on me and I do not know what to do. Would you suggest that I keep on taking this until next 6 days? (I already had a gap of 5 days now). It is all so worrisome.


kdy - March 13

Is anyone still posting to this site? Any more success stories? I could use one. Had our first vag u/s today and found a sac but nothing else. NP said it wasn't a cause for concern yet b/c my HCG levels were doubling (348 on 2/26, 840 on 2/28, 5600 on 3/5). Took another quant test and will get the results tomorrow. Go for another u/s next week. By lmp I should be 6 weeks 3 days so I expected to see something. It's heartbreaking not to.


crrodgers - March 14

I had an u/s done and I thought I was 6 weeks, but I was actually only 5. The did not even see a sac! I took the HCG tests and my numbers were rising. I went in 1 week later and we saw the sac but no baby yet. FInally at 7 weeks I got to see the baby and the strong h/b. I am currently almost 10 weeks prego! I cant wait to hit week #12! If your numbers are rising as well as they are and you don't have heavy cramping and/or bleeding... I wouldn't worry too much! Good Luck!


kdy - March 14

crrodgers - thanks so much for your response. The doc said that I could go and get an ultrasound at the hospital in a week or wait for two weeks until I go back. I'm not sure what to do. Part of me would like to know next week but part of me would like to wait until the next doc's appointment just to be really, really sure. I'd hate to another empty sac.


diem - March 14

Hi KDY, I just wanted to share my story with you. My first ultrasound was at 6 weeks 5 days. We saw nothing but a sac that measured 6 weeks 1 day. Doc said it was normal not to see anything this early. I, of cournse, FREAKED. I had 2 previous miscarriages and was afraid this was going down the same road. I went back in for another ultrasound at 7 weeks 3 days and saw baby AND HEARTBEAT!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. It is totally possible that you will see the baby next time. Keep hope. I understand how excrutiating this wait will be for you. Please keep us posted!!!


kdy - March 15

diem - I soooo needed to hear another "happy" story this morning. Thank you for posting. I'm still waiting to get the quant level that they took on Monday. My b___sts stopped being sore for a day - on Monday - but then came back in full force yesterday. I'm trying to think that this is a positive sign. Still no bleeding or anything but I'm on progesterone supp. so I'm not sure if they would prevent that. Your story and all of the others on the board give me hope. I sat here and read everyone on Monday. Took a few hours but I was numb after getting back from the docs and whether the stories were happy or sad didn't seem to matter - it just helped to be part of s family of women who had gone through the same thing. Sounds weird but its the truth. After reading them all I felt calm. Have a good day.


baby1 - September 25

the first miscarriage, i have no idea how. 2nd one, is current and i went in for a US today and they only saw the sac and yolk, but no embryo. I do not know how far in i am pregnant but the docter supposely says i'm 5 to 6 wks because of the size of my sac.I want to know why this is. should i take a DNC or wait?


BrendaW - September 25

You should wait and let them do an ultrasound in a week or a week and a half as it is possible the baby isnt big enough yet


ashleygeoffroy - September 29

Hi I have had the same experience, and it also ended sadly. I got pregnant last year, and I kept taking pregnancy tests and they kept coming out negative, finally after being 3 weeks late I went to the doctor and the test there came out a faint positive. I kept experiecing weird sharp cramps (not sure if this was normal). Then I had light spotting, so I rused to the ER, and they ordered an ultrasound, and it showed the same thing, a sac with no embryo inside. I went back every week for about 3 weeks. I was around 11 weeks along for my last one, and it was still empty, So I had a blighted ovum. My doc ordered a D&C for the next day which I got. The whole ordeal was very sad because you keep going back to the doctors hoping there is going to be something there, when for me, there wasn't. I am sorry if any of this makes you worried for yourselves, but sometimes things don't always turn out happy. On the upside, My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last 5 months, and I am finally pregnant, I estimated around 7 weeks, I have my first appointment on the 10th of Oct. I am very excited, but also very nervous.... I am praying that this one turns out to be the baby I always wanted.


anna80 - October 14

Hi everyone - I am 5 weeks exactly today.(count from day of last period). Went for v____al ultrasound but there is nothing in my womb. Doc recommend me to do a blood test today and another test after 48 hrs. When i told my mom about it, she say i should be only around 3 weeks only. Reason because if you count from the day of conception which is 2 weeks after your period, it is still very small and hard to detect by now. Keep my finger cross and pray to god.. And also praying for everyone here.


evae777 - October 15

anna, im going through the same thing you are, but my doc is pretty sure that i will miscarry, we did 2 different ultrasounds and there is no embryo. they kept dismissing the fact that it is too early to detect. they said the sac is way too big in size to not have something in it (embryo). i am waiting on a blood test and that will finalize it. i wish you well with your pregnancy..


ajmj - October 16

hi everyone. i am going through the same thing as a lot of you ladies. i am so glad i found this site. i'm 5 1/2 wks pregnant and went to the hospital b/c i had minor v____al bleeding a couple of days ago. an u/s showed an emtpy sac. i am so stressed out right now, it's unbelievable. i had an ectopic pregnancy in april and a miscarriage in august. both through in vitro. i have my next u/s next tues and i'm a nervous wreck. just needed to vent and find support. i'm grateful i found this site.


ajmj - October 16

oops. noticed the big gap in the second paragraph. the fill in "ectopic pregnancy"


tsophia - October 27

I really hope someone can help me, or has heard of what I'm dealing with... I went for my first v____al u/s when I was supposedly 5 weeks 5 days, and saw a sac, and baby which measured 2.99mm. Went two days later (so 6 weeks 1 day) and saw the sac but no baby. I'm not going back again for 10 days. I don't know what to think. Reading everyone else's experiences was re-a__suring that it was possibly just too early to see anything (and I have looong cycles, so I do not think I am as far along as they think, may be a whole week behind) but what worries me is that it was there and now isn't. I feel the same, sore b___sts, and no spotting or bleeding. I am so worried...



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