6th Sense

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hati - November 10

..anyone out there have a 6th sense about things?.. if yes,am i having a boy or girl?..


Jennifer - November 10

Hati, I had a very strong feeling that my baby was a boy from the very beginning and I was right. When I first found out I was pregnant, I didn't have a preference for s_x since I would love one of each, but very soon after I just knew it was a boy, in fact I would become annoyed when people would refer to the baby as "she" or say I think you're going to have a girl. I've had two ultrasounds that confirmed he is a boy, I'm due next month, on the last ultrasound at 33 weeks he turned his little b___t right up to the screen and it was quite obvious. If you have a strong feeling about your baby's s_x, you are probably right.


To Hati - November 10

There are a couple things (that are not really proven though) that might tell you. If you get acne, lots of symptoms and crave sweets it's probably girl. If your symptoms are mild and you crave savory stuff it's probably a boy.


K - November 10

Hati, I had a strong feeling that I was having a boy & dreamt about it also.


mama-beans - November 10

I "knew" I was having a girl before our 20 week ultrasound... I dreamed of girls, and she just FELT girlie. I also had BEAUTIFUL skin, yet I ate things like Brownies and red Grapes ALL the time. This time, I'm pretty sure it's a boy.. ( although I would actually somewhat prefer a girl... not that it matters really) I have HORRIBLE skin, am much more tired then the first time, and the one dream i have had so far it was a boy (ok the one dream where it wasn't puppies or kittens)


Me - November 10

Mama Beans...not everyone is the same! Just with your advise on "quickening at 12 weeks" do you have RESEARCH to confirm that??? Your baby felt girlie??? Were you feeling that while you were puking???


haha - November 11

With my first, I was sure it was a girl. I had dreams it was a girl and to myself would refer to the baby as she. Well guess what! I had a boy and was thrilled, but I quite often fumbled when he was first born and almost called him her or she quite a few times. Sometimes what your gut tells you is wrong. So don't go out and buy pink until you've either had an ultrasound to confirm or until you've had your baby.


mama-beans - November 11

to "me"... Oh please. The whole POINT of this post is fantasy and intuition. 6th sense.... Come on. Of course I knew I had a 50% chance of being right with what I thought.. this is all in fun! ( although, there have been several studies done on Mom's intuition... aparently moms have closer to 70% accuracy when guessing gender, and moms usually know of a problem with the baby before the doctor does.. so yes, I do research, but THIS post was all about fun wives tales and feelings, not facts. get a grip)



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