6weeks Preg No Sickness Help

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tracem19 - June 8

i'm now 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, i haven't had any sickness, and i'm worried. i've had 2 previous pregnancies, where i had sickness. the only thing i'm experiencing is tender br___ts. i was feelin tired, but not that tired anymore, can anyone help...PLS!!!


laura8 - June 8

well im also 6wks, 2 days and have had absoluctly no sickness if that helps!


tracem19 - June 8

laura8, thanks... i just really worry! have you had any other symptoms????


Jennifer123 - June 8

I am almost 12 weeks and I really to this day haven't had enough nausea to complain about. I have not thrown up once. Don't worry - I know easier said than done as I was worried too at 6 weeks. You are probably just lucky. At my 7 week appointment I expressed that concern to my doctor and he said there was still plenty of time for morning sickness to hit. Enjoy!


iakram - June 8

hi tracem...with my 1st two preg i had severe MS and this time around i hardly had any only lasted 4 weeks. believe me when ppl say every preg is different, even you own preg will vary. trust me. perhaps you will get it...but in the meantime try and take advantage of it by eating right and healthy. i too in this preg felt really paranoid since my MS subsided greatly - i would be like wait..am i really pregnant ? ms was sort of a comfort for me in the sense that i knew everything was going aokay! i think tender b___sts are a good sign....!! good luck


Kira_lynn - June 8

Alot of women i've read, have not gotten any symptoms till 7weeks or later. I myself only had morning sickness from 8weeks to 11weeks. Im 12 weeks now and other than having a head cold, i feel great! I had a previous m/c and i had severe morning sickness, so ya never know.


tracem19 - June 8

Thanks to everyone for your input, i feel a bit more relaxed knowing that i'm not the only 1. I just don't want anything to go wrong. I won't be seeing my midwife until i'm 15 weeks, my scan will be my next appt, at 12-13 weeks, i'm hoping and praying all is well. This baby means so much to me, i have already bonded. And my little girls going to be such a brill big sis. I am a worrier, and worry over things i shouldn't, i just want a healty happy baby, thanks again, and good luck with all your babys...x x


kalpers - June 8

i worried about the same thing. i too, am pregnant with my 2nd and my symptoms are completely different and the baby is doing fine. enjoy - don't worry!!!!


ezwaggy - June 12

I'm 10 weeks today and it's only in the past week that I've just had sour stomach and today's the worst - and it's still not that bad! I was worried too but my doctor said it doesn't mean anything bad and be glad you aren't horribly sick. There's almost too much info on the web - I think you can find two negatives for every positive out there. My mom said she never had morning sickness with me so now I'm just crossing my fingers it never really hits. Take care!


celina78 - June 12

I'm 7 weeks and have had very little morning sickness. I feel a little sick in the morning, and on the way to work on the train, but nothing so bad I can't get to work and no throwing up yet. I was a getting worried because my friends and sister in law all had morning sickness, but my midwife said not to worry, not everyone gets it.


Seal - June 12

I didn't start M/s until about 9 weeks and at 12 it is going strong. be happy you haven't started it yet!!! Also, remember that every pregnancy is different. It is the unique being inside you calling the shots!


tracem19 - June 14

hi all!!!! i'm now 6 weeks 6days preg, was sick this morning, and feel quite drained today....i think the sickness is on its way!!!! i never thought id b so relieved to b sick!!! thanks to everyone 4 replying!!!


Tiffany814 - June 14

Ok Trace, I hope this makes you feel better,,,here it goes...I am 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant and have not had one 'normal' pregnancy symptom since I found out I was pregnant. The only thing I have is huge, tender b___sts. I have NEVER been nauseous, thrown up, been tired (I actually feel even better now-I go to the gym more now than when I wasnt prego cause I feel so good), no cravings, NOTHING! It's been like that from day 1! I would not have believed I was pregnant if it weren't for the bloodwork saying so. I feel great for the most part every single day- the occasional 'tired' day but nothing worthy of complaining about. So I went for my ultrasound at 7 weeks and everything was fine, got completely checked out, baby's heart beat was 142. I just went for my OB appt. on June 2nd, I was almost 11 weeks and we heard the heartbeat for the first time! Very exciting! Every time I ask about my non-symptoms and every time they tell me to count my belssings and be happy I'm feeling great. The next pregnancy can be completely different. But seriously, its great that you're feeling good, keep taking care of your self, eating well and you'll be just fine. Best of luck to you and to all!!



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