6wks Along With TWINS

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Angela - April 9

well i had a u/s today and my doctor found TWO heart beats! she said everything looked good and i was progressing well! Hubby and I are SO EXCITED! I thought my belly was growing awfully fast for 6wks!!!


Brooke Crow - April 9

Congratulations, Angela! Is this your first or subsequent pregnancy? Keep us informed on your progress ... and be sure to check out the forums on multiples/twins, too.


hi - April 9

congrats xxx how u feeling xx


Angela - April 9

this is my first pregnancy!!! I am feeling alright, a little queezy, peeing tons and sleeping a lot!!!


Jena - April 9

Congrats!!! We want twins - but of course, you can't chose these things! I'm so happy for you!


Angela - April 10

Jena-Thank you! good luck with the baby making! :-) *TWIN DUST*


Livvie - April 10



Angela - April 10

Livvie! thanks girl!!!


Kasey - April 12

Angela, twins that's cool! Did you have any idea you might have twins?? Fertility treatment, genetics, etc..... Or just luck of the draw...


mrswright - April 12

angela im 5 weeks and have a stomach already do u think i could be having twins. i also got a dark pink line on store brand hpt a 4 1/2 weeks


Angela - April 13

Kasey-Nope i had no idea!! Duno if i have any twins in my family, like from way back or not! Mrs.Wright-It could be possible, but it could also be bloating...thats what i thought it was, but turned out to be twins for me! Let me know what u find out!!!


Jena - April 13

Angela, that's so weird I didn't remember saying on the 9th we wanted twins - well, yesterday on the 12th we found out we're having two!! I'm 6 weeks and 2 days today, due on Dec. 5th. You?? YAY!! I'm so excited to have someone in my boat!


Krista - April 13

AWE, I'm so jealous! I was twins too!!!! How old are you guys? I'm fairly young, but hoping there is still a chance for twins. Has your morning sickness been extreme with twins so far?


Jena - April 13

Krista, did you m/c? I'm so sorry if you did. I need to keep my mouth shut with friends until I'm farther along. I'm 23 years old and haven't had ANY morning sickness.... yet! :)


Krista - April 13

Jena, No I did not m/c. I just really would like twins. I'm 23 as well and I was reading that twins are very rare for us young girls...... CONGRATULATIONS!!


Jena - April 13

Krista, I know!! I totally thought that if I ever was to be blessed with twins, it'd be much later and I'd already have some kids... not at 23! That's so cool we are the same age. Sorry for asking about m/c - you said "I was twins" (maybe meant "I want twins?") so that's why I was confused! Anyway, are you preggo or ttc?


Krista - April 13

Jena, I'm pregnant. I'll be 7 weeks on Friday. I had an ultrasound two weeks ago and he said my uterus was bigger than expected, but he couldn't really see much b/c I was only 4w6d. I have a followup ultrasound tomorrow. I know that a bigger uterus is a possible sign of twins. Excited about seeing my baby tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!!



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