7 W Pg After 2 M C Late Ovulation And Cramping Help

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Maddy - September 8

Hi! I'm 25 years old, have had 2 m/c on Dec 2007 and May 2008. The dr gave me aspirin before pg and then progesterone at first prenatal visit 4 weeks ago (he tested my beta hcg and progesterone level and turned out that my hcg's fine but the progesterone was low ). Had my u/s last wednesday (when i was 6w1d) and he couldn't see the baby and heartbeat, and my sac was 10 days smaller than it suppose to be. He said it probably late ovulation. I will go again this Friday and I'm very scared that we wouldn't be able to see anything also by then. I've been having cramps and aware that if it not come with spotting it's probably okay. Is there anyone with the same experience?


CourtneyHope - September 9

I had cramps until I was about 10 weeks. I also had light brown spotting twice. I am now 12 1/2 weeks, and everything is fine.


Fall - September 9

Maddy, I to had lots of cramps with both my babys and with this pregnancy. I also had light brown spotting and I have two beautiful boys. I hope this helps you some.


clindholm - September 9

I also had cramping with both of my pregnancies. Do you have a long cycle? Did they give you anything for the low progesterone? Good luck, hope all is well.


Maddy - September 9

Hi clindholm, I don't think I have long cycle, late ovulation only could happen when the woman has long cycle? Yes, he gave me pills and injection. It's a big relief to be able to communicate with women who have the same experience, nice to know that I'm not alone.


clindholm - September 10

Maddy- you can ovulate late no matter how long the cycle is. The fact that your hcg came back fine is very positive. When was your last period? I recall going in at about 6 weeks as well and them not being able to see a fetal pole yet. Don't worry about the heartbeat, I think it's about 8 weeks when it can be seen on the ultrasound.


Maddy - September 10

My last period was on July 22. I will have my next ultrasound this weekend, I'll be 7w4d by then. But if my case is really late ovulation then there's a chance that we wouldn't be able to see the fetal pole or heartbeat, do you think it might happen? I


clindholm - September 11

The fetal pole is usually visable at about 6 1/2- 7 weeks so if you ovulated late, they may not be able to see it when you go in for the ultrasound. Try not to freak out if they don't see it this weekend. I'm sure they will follow up in another week and be able to see it. I know how stressful it is waiting and worrying like this- good luck


Maddy - September 11

Thank you so much for your answer. I'm more relax and ready for my ultrasound tomorrow!


Maddy - September 13

just came back from my ultrasound. My sac was smaller than 10 days ago. So here i am having my 3rd m/c, I'm really really sad. But thank you for your support these past few days.



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