7 Weeks

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Kathy - January 12

what are the symptoms & average weight gain at 7 weeks


L - January 12

My symptoms are fatigue, slight nausea, and my b___sts are somewhat sore and huge!...I already need to go out and purchase new bras. My weight gain has been minimal....maybe 1 lb.


Jo - January 12

this is my 4th pregnancy, and i am more tired, more nauseated and I gained 2 lbs. Are you already feeling pressure against your pubic bone?


L - January 12

I haven't been aware of any pelvic pressure...yet...but I am stressed...I miscarried back in Oct so I am a bit anxious. I am appreciating all of my pregnancy symptoms. My first doc visit is 1/24, needless to say..I can't wait!


Teresa - January 17

L, I had a miscarriage back in October also. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and i have lots of nausea already tool.. I am also appreciating the symptoms even tho they suck.. haha.. Ive already had 1 ultrasound and i heard the heartbeat, i am considered high risk. I have my second ultrasound 1/25.. I wish you the best!! How far along are you? I am already gaining weight and my clothes are tight.!! :)


L - January 17

Hi Teresa..Congrats to you! I am entering my 8th week. My due date is 8/31. How about you?


Teresa - January 18

L, my due date is 9/5.. :) Congrats, let me know how it goes


Maggie - January 18

Hi Teresa I am do 8/30. I have been pretty lucky because I am not sick, although I have gained about 4lbs.


Wondering - January 18

I am 6 1/2 weeks and I have no symptoms at all. Last week I would get some light nausea that would last only a few hours, but that completely vanished as of Friday. Is this normal, I have no other symptoms at all!


candice - January 18

my first baby and i am 7 weeks. i have the whole naseau thing happening, but is it common to have slight cramping


Olivia - January 20

Some symptoms come and go, some women go w/o symptoms the entire 9 months (consider yourself lucky) and slight cramping could actually be the uterus stretching in preparation for the pregnancy. All completely normal. Good luck ladies.


L - January 26

Teresa, Had my appt...everything was right on track...heard the heartbeat! My doctor informed me that the chance of miscarriage now (after 8 weeks) is 5%...How did your appt go!!! :)


Leahp - January 26

Hi! L I was curious how far along you were when you did miscarry??? I'm at six weeks and paranoid about miscarrying although I've never had one!!! I'm sooo happy for you that you've made it to eight weeks!!!


L - January 26

Thanks Leah! :) I found out that I miscarried at 10 weeks thru u/s.... my doctor told me the actual miscarriage most likely occurred around 4 weeks (the time when you'd expect your menstral cycle after ovulation)....and I did remember having cramping/back pains at that time...but no bleeding. I wish you the best Leah and be positive :)


Leahp - January 26

Oh my, that's horrible all that time you thought you were and never any bleeding, did you have pregnancy symptoms during that whole time???


L - January 26

Yes, I was heartbroken, it was a very difficult time for me....and deep down, I had a strange feeling something just was not right the entire time. As far as pregnancy symptoms, just fatigue. I experienced what is known as a blighted ovum miscarriage. I had an actual gestional sac (empty, no embryo or fetus) and a placenta. For most likely chromosomal reasons, the embryo never forms...you eventually micarry naturally or in my case find out thru u/s...and I chose to have a d&c. But I am now in a better place...9 weeks, healthy and happy :)


Leahp - January 26

Well, I'm extremely happy for you!!! Yea!! No reason to dwell on a subject like that you have a bright future ahead, and a miracle on the way!!! Bless you!!!!



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