7 Weeks Along Flu Shot Okay

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lisa715 - October 25

I am almost 7 weeks along and my company is offering flu shots in a couple weeks for interested people. i really want to get in on this since the nurse will be coming to the office and it's so convenient. i called the dr's office and the girl behind the counter said it was okay...needless to say, i'm still a little nervous about it. what do you all think?


ma1008 - October 25

dont go by what the receptionist says, check out the question posted from renee so you can see what i mean.


lisa715 - October 25

i saw that one earlier and that's exactly why i decided to ask here anyway. that is sooo scary to me so i'm polling to see if any of you have had one while pregnant!!


eastcoast - October 25

Hi Lisa, I had a flu shot last week (when I was about 7 1/2 weeks along). I'm in Nova Scotia (Canada) and this is the first year that the government is paying for them for pregnant women -that's how much they're recommended. I'm not sure if it's the 'same' flu vaccine that's offered everywhere, but here, all of the doctors I've spoken with highly recommend them for pregnant women and that's being backed by the government offering to pay for them. Hope that helps!


Gemini_Girl - October 25

Hi, I got my appointment in for my flu jab ill be 29 weeks by the time it comes round, the appointment came out in the post automatically as Im asthmatic, anyway I got the receptionist to write the doc a note to ask if it was still ok for me to get it being pregnant, the doc said yeh it was fine, was thinking even for a pregnant lady surely a small injection of the virus is better getting full b__wn flu


EricaG - October 25

I asked my OB at my last appointment and she told me that I should wait until the second trimester.


emtcutie1028 - October 25

I got one and am planning on trying soon (if im not already preg) Some doctors highly recommend them. I got one because if i do get the flu I wont be able to take any OTC meds. Ask your doc to be sure! GL


reneenay - October 25

My NP said that it's fine


ShoppingForTwo - October 25

*MY PERSONAL OPINION* I WOULDN'T! Especially in the first trimester. They haver thimersol aka mercury in them. Some of them are over %60 striaght thimersol. We can't eat fish with high mercury while pregnant BUT we can get flu shots full of them??? I THINK NOT! WAIT . . . WAIT. . . WAIT . . . Before people start screaming at me and disagreeing, this is ONLY my personal choice and opinion. I work at a hospital and they tried to force me to get one but I refused, and I was simply only TTC at the time. At the END of the day they aren't 100% proven safe or 100% proven horrible and that also goes for childhood vaccines (whole different post). We all have to weight the pros and the cons and choose what's best for us, its a personal choice like abortion. Wait, sorry if that's a bad comparison. I'm not trying to push my beliefs on anyone just saying what I THINK on the subject. Just please do your research. Doctors are answering based on their OPINION! That's why you can't get the same answer from every doctor. Some say hell no, some say hell yes, some say NOT in 1st tri, some say only in 3rd tri. CONFUSING right? Well I would suggest everyone ask for the vaccince INSERT and read and research ALL of the ingredients before putting it into your body. If you decided they are worth it whild pregnant then think about getting the indivudal packages one use shot so that there is no thimersol since that's what they used to preserve it. I just found out lastnight that I'm 4w1d and I'm so happy that I didn't introduce the flu shot to my system a couple weeks ago at this important stage of develpoment. If your scared of getting sick, stock up on Vitiman C and other immune boosting vitimans. Oh and crystal light has packets of immune boosting flavors to add to water! They taste great! Ok I think I've rambled enough. My intent wasn't to p__s anyone off just shed a little light ok?


lisa715 - October 26

eastcoast - I was born in NS!!! My family is from Port Hood and Halifax - I was born in Halifax but i live in Maryland! how cool! thanks for the info everyone. i might just do some online research and ask my family what they've done. thank you!


lararobin - October 26

I was told to wait until the second trimester too.


Cevvin - October 26

The CDC recommends that all pregnant women get the flu shot, got a letter from them today, stating that i need to get a flu shot asap.


autumnsmommy - October 26

no offense but the CDC only cares about your money. Do you know that the people working for the CDC and the FDA...most of their kids are not vaccinated because they know what's in those shots! Agree or not it's your body and your babies. I've done my reasearch for almost 5 years I know what my decision is on the issue. Just do your research before you decide. Mercury is toxic and it is in these shots and it will go to your baby as well as yourselves. My sister and all of her kids got the flu shot last year and all of them came down with both the respiratory flu and the stomach flu so it's not even 100% gauaranteed effective!


eastcoast - October 26

Lisa715......what a small world! That's hilarious:) Maybe you should talk to your doctor about the risks/benefits of getting the flu shot for your situation -just a suggestion. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy:)



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