7 Weeks And Already Showing Anyone Else

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Julymommy2b - October 31

I am seven weeks today and already have a bump. I thought it was just my imagination but my hubby said he can tell. Just wondering if anyone else is stating to show this early.


fefer1 - October 31

yeah - I am too. :) 8 weeks and have a nice round belly. It's baby #2 and I hear you show much quicker.


ShoppingForTwo - November 1

Hehe I feel like I'm a bit bloated. I notice a change but I'm only 5 weeks. I gave birth in June so maybe its just because I haven't lost all of the weight yet??? What do you ladies think?


Rainbowbrite - November 2

I think if you already have a baby and are showing this early it is okay! However if you've never had a baby before and showing already i think you're going to have the worlds biggest baby EVER! LOL j/k i think seriously though if you've never had one before and you're showing this early... maybe twins is an option???


Whisper - November 2

I'm 10 weeks, and not really showing yet. Most likely any body changes this early is bloat, but its still fun to feel like something is happening, lol. Unless its a 2nd/3rd/etc pregnancy, you show sooner with those. On a first pregnancy, you don't start to really show for a bit. Super extra skinny people will show a bit earlier than most, but still not much. The baby is so small at this point ( at 7 weeks about the size of a grain of rice is what my doc told me ) that any "showing" is mostly just bloat and water weight.


joannapianna - November 8

Im 6 weeks and cant fit into any of my jeans anymore......lol my partner even said are you sure your 6 weeks!!! Twins do run in his family........i dont over eat, and do regular exercise, i just cant believe how big i am :P i look 4 mths.


Newlywed - November 8

Hello, I am almost 7 weeks and I thought I was being paranoid about showing already. I am certain that I have a round tummy. It feels different to touch too. I guessed it was just bloated as my gas has been uncontrollable :o). I hope this doesnt mean that I will have a huge baby!! eek x


mtneyes - November 9

I am 12 weeks and really showing this time. This is my second child and so I really think that makes a big difference. I know I didn't show nearly this early with my first.


mgn - November 9

wow! i am 15 weeks and just starting to show. it is kinda frustrating b/c i want to look pregnant! i do have a little bump now but not much. i think if u are showing so early it is water retention. the baby is so tiny there is no way it is him or her yet.


alinadaud - November 10

I am about 10 1/2 weeks and i fel like i am starting to get a belly for sure. I am sure part of it is bloating and water retention, but it is certainly something. I have not gained any weight since 7 weeks though. I think that may be in part because i have really decreased my toning and weights when i exercise. I think i may be losing some of the muscle and gaining a little in the mid section and b___t. I just feel fatter, not necessarily a belly yet. This is my first:)


dlombard23 - November 12

I am only 10 weeks and I'm showing too! I started with bloating and in the mornings my stomach would go down in size, but now it's big even when I wake up-perfect round belly. I wanted to tell my boss after the 1st trimester but had to already b/c none of my clothes fit and it's getting obvious!


newlywed0915 - November 12

Haha, I'm starting my 7th week and last week I think I really started to bloat. It seems like I'm showing already. See, but I already had a little pouch before. Now its just sticking out more because I can't suck it in! Seriously, its so hard! Some friends say its the pregnancy belly already, but I'm just not sure! I DO have a short waist and small pelvic bones though. I can't fit my jeans any more without doing that loop thing, and I already have to wear those empire shirts so my belly doesn't protrude from my more snug clothing! Either way, this is an excuse to wear hoodies now...especially since its cold!!!


sarah21 - November 12

At this point, it is most likely bloating. I, too, was out of my regular pants pretty early, but looking back I think it was mainly bloating. The baby is so tiny at this point. Soon enough you'll be enjoying big bellies though!


newlywed0915 - November 12

lol, yeah- see I'm worried, because I already had a belly before pregnancy. Hahaha...and with a baby...my belly is going to be bigger... I just have a feeling. I also doubt that we're acutally showing. At 7 weeks, my peanut is about half an inch, or the size of a pencil eraser. Not big enough to make me pooch, but the bloating is definitely making me pooch.


Newlywed - November 14

Hey Newley wed, sounds like we have lots in common. Just married and staring our 7th week. :o)


newlywed0915 - November 14

lol yeah! Honeymoon baby, I'm pretty sure! Lol !


Melissa G - November 14

I'm 7 weeks with my 2nd baby and thinking I'm starting to show too!



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