7 Weeks And Scared Please Help

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babydreams - April 30

Hi gals, So I was sailing along feeling great (symptoms: slight nausea, nipple soreness, etc.), then today, I went to the bathroom and noticed some tan/brown-tinged CM. I freaked! Then, all through the day, I've been feeling a nagging cramp/pulling feeling in my lower abdomen. I'm so scared! What does this mean? Also, weird thing, my nipple soreness and nausea completely stopped today. Also, I've been having lots of creamy/lotion-like CM up until today, and now it seems to have stopped. It changed to chunky CM and I hardly have any of it (sorry TMI) -- except for a stretchy glob now and then. I'm really scared, and am wondering if anyone can weigh in on this. My ultrasound is scheduled for Tuesday, so I'll find out more then, but in the meantime, I'm starting to panic! Let me know what you think ...


singlem0m - April 30

Hey lady, I'm afraid I'm not an expert since I haven't had kids *yet* but from what I know some brown spotting is ok. Now if there is ALOT of bleeding with quite a bit of pain then you should definitely go to the emergency room. But I have known many women who are pregnant that have spotting. Hope this helps :)


ElizabethAnn - April 30

hey babydreams... try and not stress yourself out!!! i had all kinds of cramps when i got pregnant!!! I even had some bleeding at 8 weeks!! i had an u/s and baby was just fine with a nice strong heartbeat!!! i'm 10 weeks now and it has stopped!!! so dont worry, every women is different. Just make sur eyou always let your doc know whats going on!! hope that calmed your nerves a little!! i know its hard! i was going crazy myself when i was spotting! also i started out with a little nausia, and then it went away then came back REALLY bad at 10 weeks which i've had the past couple days, but today its been a lot better, symptoms sure come and go!


babydreams - April 30

Thank you so much, gals! I really appreciate your encouragement. I've worked myself up into a tizzy here tonight, I think! Another question: Did you notice any changes in your CM after spotting? I had sooo much lotiony CM yesterday (and in weeks past) but today it's totally changed (after the brown spotting). I almost have nothing to speak of, which worries me. What do you think?


ElizabethAnn - April 30

well for me. my cm hasnt changed at all really.. Nothing out of the usual, hasnt increased or anything....


srigles - May 1

Hi babydreams. I had the exact same thing as you, and ended up having an u/s to confirm everything was OK. Appparently, the cramps and brown discharge are fairly common, and my doctor said not to worry too much (easier said than done!) unless there's severe cramps and heavy bleeding that's red in colour. Hope this helps!


tndrlvn - May 1

are you having any pains with this........Iam 9 weeks and at 7 weeks i had a bit of bleeding and cramps......scared the S*#T out of me..i went in to the emergency and my cervix was still closed....and all was ok.......I went for an Ultrasould last week and seen babies heartbeat and baby......so my prayers are with you but don't stress to much.....it isn't good for you...try to relax...get rest and wait till tuesday. if you start to bleed an have bad cramps you can go to emergency and get checked just to make sure....i had M/C last year so i was freakin out to. i understand your feelsings.. Good luck Babydreams keep us posted


babydreams - May 2

Hi gals! Thanks for all the encouragement! Good news: I went in for my ultrasound today and the heartbeat was strong and everything looked great! I'm so happy!


tndrlvn - May 2

hi babydreams......CONGRATS HUN that is good to hear....let us know how all is going with you.



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