7 Weeks Anyone Else

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YellowBear - May 5

Hi guys i'm seven weeks pregnant and i'd like to compare notes with all the other ladies that are at the same stage.


Heather S - May 5

7w4d...This is my third preg. I have a 10 yo and an 8yo. This time has been so different. I have had spotting almost once a day when I wipe. It is more like a brownish pink light d/c. Dr. was not very concerned, but has done 2 us. The second one was 2 wks ago and we saw the heart beat. We go back tomorrow for another one. I did not experience anything like this with the first two, so I am a nervous wreck. Other than b___st soreness and some mild nausea, I feel pretty good...just very nervous. My due date as of 2 weeks ago is 12/18


Jennifer - May 5

7w4d...This is my 2nd pregnancy-first one ended in m/c 7 years ago. I was having very sore breats and some nausea (getting sick only when I brush my teeth). The last couple of days things have pretty much disappeared. I did see the HB at 6w4d (125 BPM). I am so nervous. Should I worry even though there is no spotting or bleeding? I am also due 12/18-please give me some advise!!!!


Nikki - May 5

Hello. I am 7 weeks today!! I would be happy to compare notes, it is my first pregnancy and a little scary!


Claire - May 6

Hi ending 7 weeks this week. Have constant morning sickness, cramping in my lower abdomen, no spotting or bleeding, b___sts sore and swollen. I am just looking on the bright side - in December I am going to have a healthy baby despite all the niggles. Just keep thinking positive ladies. After 2 miscarriages very single ache and pain is a worry for me. Anybody else still cramping at 7 weeks?


Donna - May 6

Hi yellow bear. Im 7 weeks aswell and i have already started to show. This will be my third child. Im due on 21/12/05. Christmas baby


YellowBear - May 6

Hi ladies i'm glad to see that i'm not the only one freaking out. this is my first pregnancy and every little pain and ache gets me going. yesterday i had some cramping but fortunately no spotting. my doctor says its normal since the uterus is expanding. the nausea is only starting to get better now. anyone reacting to iron as much as i am? its really making me ill!


Sm - May 6

I'm almost 8 weeks. I was also experiencing spotting, brownish pink stuff. I have 3 older kids, ages 14, 13, and 7. Although the spotting has gone away, I am extra tired all the time from this one. Its taking alot out of me. I don't know if I can continue with this one.


YellowBear - May 6

Hang in there Sm, i mean you've already come this far!!! Are you taking any vitamins? i've heard that some can help you with tiredness also


donna - May 6

i am 7 weeks and i am sick ALL the time...i cant stand it anymore, still really tired, i son is 8 years old and it has been a while so i am out of practice!


Heather S - May 7

Went the the Dr yesterday. Baby is about the size of a coffee bean and has a healthy HB. He says not to worry about the tinged discharge. It can happen. Right now everything looks fine. I am really starting to get the stretchy feeling cramps now. Not menstral-like, but just uncomfortable. I guess it is growing time! LOL


CHH - May 7

We're at 7 weeks tomorrow. I had some very light brown discharge for the past week. Had my hcg levels checked. The doctor was a little concerned that they weren't doubled over 48 hours. (Isn't it normal to slow down later). We have an ultrasound on monday. I'm very scared. I hope and pry aeverything is ok, and that they will find a heartbeat. Until then, it's going to be a stressful weekend. I hope all the other 7 week ladies are doing well!


jojo - May 7

to Yellowbear dont worry so much i have a 11yr and 9 yr boys i am 6 weeks its along time since my boby has been pregnant 10 years so am a little older so are my eggs lol this pregnancy is not the same as my boys take care and think happy thing lots of luck to you


T - May 7

This is my first pregnancy.6weeks and 2days.Hungry most of the time.Lots of heart burn.Leg cramps all the time.No morning sickness yet.Since 2 days, gagging over toothpaste.very sore b___sts.Frequent urination.My right areola is way bigger than left.Any suggestions please?


hi - May 9

this is my 4th pregnancy i have 7,3,1 year old kids all pregnancy tests are negative but i know when i am pregnant i was 3 months gone with my last before a test showed positive i also had a negative blood test but they were all wrong if they were right i wouldn't have a baby girl i think the main thing you have to remember is that you know your own body and don't let anyone tell you different so good luck ladies



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