7 Weeks Anyone Else Who S Pants Are Already Tight

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CN - July 7

i'm 7 weeks and feel so bloated that my pants already feel tight. is this normal? since finding out i was pregnant, i've gained 2 pounds, but that might be cause i'm too tired to excersise.


Q - July 7

I think it's normal. Everyone is different. For me, my pants were getting snug 6-8 weeks, mainly from bloating. I'm almost 10 weeks now, and my belly is still the same as bloated at 8 weeks. I'm hoping I won't show for awhile, I don't want to be one of those annoying pregnant people who walk around with their hands on their belly as soon as they find out they're pregnant, you know ;) I hope I'm not offending anyone! Keep drinking lots of fluids, and stay away from ga__sy foods.


lashunda - July 7

oh yeah, i'm the same way. 8 weeks preg and i think i gained like 10 lbs already. i find that stretchy jeans are comfortable. good luck!


CN - July 7

i'm also worried cause i'm 5'2" and 155lbs when i got pregnant. i wanted to be at least 145, but there is nothing i can do about that now. i'm just worried i'm going to be too overweight.


lashunda - July 7

i feel u there. i keep telling myself that i need to watch how much i eat but i can't seem to leave the kitchen. its like i alwayz have to have something in my mouth. weird huh?


CN - July 7

i just get get over how bloated i am. i can barely fit into my pants. is it too early to be thinking of buying pants with elastic waste or even maternity pants? i would never think at 7 wks i wouldn't be able to fit into my pants when i've only gained 2 or 3 lbs. any suggestions? is this normal?


beth - July 7

I just went with overalls and i found that the lower cut hip hugger jeans seemed to fit alot better cause they they are cut low.


cn - July 7

that sounds like a good idea, but i need pants for work also. i guess i'll buy them a size bigger for now and see what happens. i'm just nervous that i'm experiencing this so soon.


n - July 7

I am 7 weeks aswell. When I first saw the doctor she thought I was wrong about my dates. She suggested I was about 12 weeks along because of the size of my abdomen and uterus. My uterus is just enlarged though. As a result, I can't fit anything and feel huge and bloated and aweful. And, I have no idea how much I have gained. I think it is normal...There is a lot of variation between pregnancies.


cn - July 7

n-is this your first? this will be our first. i guess when i go back to see the doctor (i'll be 8 1/2 wks) i'll see what he says.


meika - July 8

im 7 weeks and have gained a stone, i think mostly in bloating but i wouldnt be surprised if thers two in there


KimA - July 8

I am approx. 8 weeks and I have the bloating as well. I can't fit my pants in the tummy area that I wore when I got pregnant. Not sure if this is normal but I will find out soon. Appt. with Dr. is on July 12. How soon can you hear the baby's heart beat?


Shelly - July 9

I'm 7wks today and I can't fit into any of my jeans. I was 120 before and now i'm about 125lbs already. I'm not eating much more than i usually do and i'm eating healthy and going to the gym, so I think it's just bloating.


KimA - July 13

Went to the doctor yesterday and gained a pound since June 21. I can't fit my pants but I believe it is probably the bloating (hot and such). Had an ultrasound today and heard the baby's heart beat:) Pretty special to hear that sound. I actually decided to tape it with a voice recorder machine that you can buy with tape ca__settes. I just layed it on my tummy and it recorded the heart beat. I will take it to all u/s so that I have all visits with the heart beat on the tape. Good because it is such a special memory and great gift for the baby when it's older. Thought I would let you all know about this just incase you are interested in the same thing. You can buy it at most hardware/electronic stores...I have seen them ($20-60). Best of luck to everyone:)


Sue - July 14

I'm nine weeks and things are already tight. I'm also too tired to exercise. After dinner is when I usually don't feel real well and that used to be the time of the day that I would walk. Now I'd rather just lie on the couch! I've gained about five pounds. I'm hoping to get back to my normal routine in the second trimester. Also, I've had some brown discharge which they say can happen from walking so I don't want to do too much to irritate anything.


M - July 14

I'm in the same boat. I'm only 6 weeks and have gained four pounds. I usually go up a couple before AF, but those 2 never left and 2 more have joined them. I knew my body would change, but this seems so early. )


Jen J - July 15

Finally I feel normal, I am on my 3rd baby and I already getting tight pants, I am either 6 weeks or 8 weeks we are not sure going in for another ultra sound next week, but I guess we are joing the big belly club together.. I am totally in the I am a chunky girl stage, can't wait to get in the defentilly pregant stage.. congrats to everyone Jen :}



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