7 Weeks On Ultrasound Shows No Embro Yet

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Shelly - July 28

Hi Ladies, I had a m/c last September and am delighted to be pregnant again. I'm 36 and this is my second pregnancy. I had a scan on Tusday (7weeks, 3 days) and it should the sac but no embro. Has anybody else experienced anything similar and I am scared to death that I am going down the same road as before althought my last pregnancy was a molar pregnancy and I am told this is not the cast this time! I really appreciate any feedback no matter how small as I don't know where else to turn. I am due back for another scan next Tuesday. Thanks so very much and best wishes to you all.


Amanda - July 28

Shelly did they do a transv____al ultrasound or just a belly ultrasound?? At my first appt I measured at 7 weeks 3 days and they did a transv____al ultrasound because they are more accurate. But through this I saw my little peanut with 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 stubs for hands, and 2 for feet, and when you got a close up on the face you could see the eyes, nose, and mouth. From the back you could see the spine and ribs. But if they only did a belly utlrasound then it could have been too soon to see anything. Let me know!!


Sigrid - July 28

Hi Shelly. I had an ultrasound at six weeks and it showed the sac but no embryo. I am now 9 weeks and had an ultrasound yesterday and we got to see the baby and measure the heartbeats. Don't worry, maybe it is just too early and you will probably see your baby in the next few weeks (two at least). Everything is going to be OK


Lana - July 28

Sigrid, I just wanted to say thank you for your response to Shelly, it gave me ease and I know it will give others, I don't know why doctors don't give more a__surance when u/s are done so early. Anyway I jsut wanted to say thanks because your response made me feel alot better. Also, Shelly Try not to worry put your faith in God and know that he created our bodies to take care of our babies and thats just what we have to let them do, there's really nothing doctors can do for pregnancy's. I will be praying for you guys but know that God will take care of you!! Thanks, Lana


Shelly - July 29

Thanks to you all for your kind words. Amanda, I did have a transv____al ultrasound but am due back next Tuesday for another one. They told me that if there was nothing there at this point then they was a problem, so fingers crossed and hopefully like Sigrid I will see the embro very soon, please god. Thanks for your kind words Lana, I have being saying every prayer I can get my hands on 'cause there is nothing more I can do but put my trust in God. Thanks again, I really appreciate your kind words, it means alot to me as I am feeling a little low this moring. LOL


Sheila - July 29

Shelly, did they take your HCG levels via bloodwork? I would definitely request that also as my dr. said those should be doubling every 48 hours in pregnancy.


Shelly - July 29

Hi Sheila, No, I didn't, actually I never heard of that. I will bring it up with the doctor on my next visit. Thanks, LOL


kittluv1022 - July 30

yes, that happened to me before. I was just too early. I hope this is the case with you. Good luck and I will mention you and your baby in my prayers tonight.


Shelly - August 6

Hi Guys, Unfortunately I have bad news. The ultrasound on Tuesday showed no embro and they felt at this point it should have been there and therefore decided it was a type of miscarriage. I had a D&C on Thursday. Thanks for all your kind words it meant alot to me. Wishing you all every good wish for the future. Michele



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