7 Weeks Pregnant And Dealing With A Toddler

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kristie h - January 29

Hi ladies, i am 7 weeks pregnant and i have a 2 year old son. I am sooooo tired and he has so much energy i find it hard to stay awake with him. As soon as i wake up about 1-2 hours later i want to go back to sleep. I put on a movie for him to watch and i accendentley fall asleep and when he wakes me up i am soo moody from being so tired. He has one nap aday but with me being tired i find it hard to stay awake that long. How do you ladies with toddlers deal with being so tired and trying to keep up with the little on at the same time?


kristie h - January 30

Does anyone on this forum have a toddler?


Tammy276 - January 30

I know your pain girl...I am now 32 weeks and my son turned 2 in October.. There are times when I will stick him in his play room (we have a baby gate up so he can't get out), play a movie for him, and I will go lay on the couch and take a nap. It is not easy and its not always easy to nap when they are sleeping because that is when you can get stuff done around the house. I have to say I think I have it easy because my toddler is very good at entertaining himself. It does get exhausting though, especially now that I am as big as a house and trying to chase after him and lifting him is getting more difficult to. I will tell you the first trimester and the last are the worst. You'll get some energy back during the second trimester, so enjoy that one while it lasts!!


momma3tobe - January 30

I feel it too LoL! I have two toddlers, one three and one four... thank goodness they entertain each other for the most part. Maybe find a playmate for your son to keep him entertained or if he still naps just try to nap with him to get some extra rest.


lawlady72 - January 30

Well, I don't have a toddler, mine will be six soon but let me tell you between working full-time, taking care of the house, the constant flow of Kindergarten homework, projects, events and just being a mom and wife.....UGH! I am always tired and I feel just awful sometimes when my dd says mommy can you play with me and I just can't. We used to do all sorts of arts and crafts and stuff, lately I'm just too darn tired. But on the brighter side if all goes well at my dr appt on friday I'll be able to tell her why I'm so tired and being that she is almost 6 she'll (hopefully) understand. She's been asking to be a big sister for years now.


socalmom - January 30

I have a 3 year old and I'm currently 6 weeks preggers. She plays by herself quite well. She likes books so if I'm feeling tired I have her get one book from her room and bring it to me on the couch then return it and bring another, this lets me rest but not fall asleep but it is a nice brake! The morning sickness is what is hard with her, I'm it the bathroom hugging the toilet and she constantly comes in and is asking for something!!!! It is hard to tell her that she has to wait, but what else can I do??? Good Luck Kristie, hopefully your 2nd trimester you will have more energy!!


Shannon - January 31

i'm 11 weeks along and i have an active 15 month old. i'm EXHAUSTED in the morning and i've fallen asleep on the couch before but even if i do she doesn't let me stay that way, thank goodness. i have my living room all baby-proofed so i know she's not ever gonna hurt herself or get into too much trouble but i hate drifting off like that!


kelley - January 31

Kristie, I understand what you are going through. I have a 3 year old and a 20 month old and I am 13 weeks pregnant. There are days that I am not sure that I can keep up with them. I guess it is nice that they entertain themselves a lot. While they are playing I try to just sit on the sofa and watch or I will read to them. It doesn't matter what we do I need a nap in the afternoon, but my 3 year old has recently stopped taking her naps, and I have been exhausted. I can't really tell you any secrets... I have help... my sister is in college and lives close... she is a life saver... she plays with them sometimes and will help me to go shopping. I don't know what I would do without the help. Good Luck girl... everything will work out.


mrs.raymond - January 31

yeah i have a 3 almost four year old and he has a lot of energy and we just bought him a puppy (before we knew i was pregnant) he has a 5month old golden retriever and man put them together its like twins, and my son is going through a growth spurt or something the past week and a half he has not stopped eating which makes me really sick ; ) its lovely!! anyways i also read to him a lot more and he loves his v smile so i lay on his bed while he plays his v smile and close the door and take a nap...


JulieK - February 1

I am 11 weeks pregnant, and have a 15 month old boy. I work full time, and I have terrible morning sixkness and exhaustion. I must say my husband has really stepped up. He has been looking after our son a lot more lately so that I can get the rest I need. Always remember, if you don't take the time to look after yourself you won't be any good for anyone else, so if you need a nap, find someone to help out.


jazminesmom - February 1

ok i may or may not be pregnant but we are trying for baby # 2 our daughter is 16months old and doesn't want to play much with her toys or sit down long so i can't read her a book she is in and out of the kitchen and we keep the doors closed so she can't get into them but if i am pregnanct or when i get pregnant any ideas of what to do if i get exsated? i am a stay at home mom, go to collage, and i am looking for a part time job,


sahmof3 - February 1

kristie... Congratulations first of all. I haven't seen you on IC for awhile and I knew you were ttc, but didn't know you were pregnant. That's awesome!!! Yeah, I totally understand the exhaustion. When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd I had a 4yo and 8 month old. All I can say is try to sneak in a nap whenever possible. If your ds will sit through a movie like before... go for it.



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