7 Weeks Pregnant Measuring 6

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amr - April 7

I had an ultrasound yesterday and we saw a heartbeat. All looked good, except I based on my lmp, I should be 7 weeks and it measured 4wks 6days. I went directly to my doctor who told me more than likely it will not make it. The reason I had the US, is my HCG levels were well below normal and they thought it was ectopical. We were thrilled when the tech showed us the heartbeat, but then crushed when we saw the doctor. Up until now, now bleeding or cramps. Today light spotting, but I'm thinking that's from the ultrasound yesterday. Should I hold out any hope or believe the doctor when she says, no?


Mythili - April 7

What was the heatbeat rate?


Lucy - April 7

amr- I am sorry for the worry you are going through, don't give up hope yet. Did your doctor see the radiology report before he talked to you? What size was the sac measuring and the embryo? There will be little measurements on your sono photo off to the side. Are you absolutely sure of your dates? Is your period regular? Your t_tle says7 weeks measuring 6, but do you mean 7 weeks measuring 4 wks 6 days? I just measured 6 weeks when I am 7 and they did not indicate that the baby wouldn't survive, just concerned about growth. I go back tomorrow to get an update. I am sure of my dates. Let me know and hang in there. If you know those measurements, tell me and I will compare them to the chart I have.


amr - April 7

Unfortunately I did not ask for the heartbeat rate, but she said it looked good


amr - April 7

I didn't get the sac measurement either. I went in there thinking it was ectopic, I was just thrilled to here there was a heartbeat. The doctor did see the report and you are correct, it was 4weeks 6 days. My cycle is every 26 days. I mark it faithfully on the my calendar. We had a blighted ovum this time last year, so I am very aware of my cycle.


Lucy - April 7

amr- Okay, well I am a believer that miracles happen all the time. So hang in there. Did they schedule another u/s? If not, ask for one a week from the day they did it and you can mark progressive growth. I too am coming off a blighted ovum in Nov and am measuring small, (and at about the same gestation) so we are in this together. Keep in touch. I'll let you know tomorrow and I will ask my doctor (who is so cool) what experience they have with numbers like yours and see what he tells me.


amr - April 7

Lucy, thank you. I'm scheduled for another US Monday night. In the meantime, I'm going to try to stay positive, but it's not easy. My prayers are with you.


Lucy - April 12

AMR- What did you find out?


ETB - April 21

I am in a similar situation... I know exactly when I ovulated. I have somewhat irregular periods and I ovulated on day 25. I am positive of this date as I took an ovulation test and went to the Dr's for a blood test to measure my progesterone levels, which confirmed. In calling my Dr after I took my preg test at home, the scheduled a 7 week US. I was concerned as they base it on my LMP. I went in for the US and all we say is a sac (ring) but couldn't see the baby/heart beat. They are saying that there is nothing to worry about, but I can't stop obsessing. I go in 1 week today for a re-do on the test? Any advice? AMR-Are you certain of your ovulation date?


SM - April 21

I have a similar situation and will update you when I get more info. I usually have a 27 day cycle and my last monthly period started on 03/04. I took an ovulation predictor kit and had a positive result on 3/21 and 3/22, which means I would ovulate in the next 24-48 hours I think? So...fast forward to 04/21 and I am definitely pregnant. Thought I was 6wks along, had some light brownish spotting yesterday, went to the doctor today and they did an ultrasound. My doctor said she had neither good nor bad news for me, she was unsure. They saw the sac, but it measured 5wks. So..my doctor took my blood to test my hcg levels and I have to go back in 48hours to retest hcg levels to see if they double. My dr. indicated in a healthy pregnancy the amount hcg in blood should double. So...my advice would be to request another bloodtest maybe and hold out hope? Maybe we all just ovulated later than we thought!! Hope this helps--if anyone out there has had a similar experience pls advise! Thanks!


Ashley - April 29

after my internal ultrasound i did not bleed so that is probably nott he reason you are spotting. just get ready for the worst and if it doesnt happen youll feel even better.



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