7 Weeks Pregnant Spotting Plz Help

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Grewal - March 9

Hi I am 7 Weeks pregnant and spotting from last 3 days it comes and go sometime little pain here and there, but no sharp pain. Went to doctor but no clue baby is nice they saw the heart flicker and fetal pole. Someone please advise is this sign of M/S I hope not cause the HCG is going up the way it is suppose to be little concern advise plz.


DeeD - March 9

Grewal-I have had bleeding with all my pregnancies. If it is lite pink or brown, you should be fine, but call your doctor so he knows what is going on. But chances are if you have seen the heartbeat, it is alright. Good Luck!


Cathy2 - March 10

DeeD's right...I also spotted all the way through my first 10 weeks...brown and light pink on and off...saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks...jsut had 12 week ultrasound and everything is great! Don't worry!


Mega - March 12

I'm 12.5 weeks pg myself & all is fine. But at the start of week 8 & weeks 9 I had a couple of days of spotting. Mainly brown, but with some pink & once even a wipe of red blood. Very scary, but I had an u/s after each episode & the baby was fine. I haven't seen any more spotting since week 9 though. In my case they thought it was b/c the placenta might be a little close to the cervix but gravity should take care of that problem. I just heard the h/b again on Friday, & baby is doing fine. I know it's very scary anytime you see blood, but a little spotting isn't really that uncommon in healthy pgs. Hang in there! Hopefully it'll stop soon.


ginger6363 - March 12

hi grewal! Try not to get too worked up. I had some brown spotting (usually just on the tissue) sometimes after a BM about every 3-5 days from my 4th to 7th week of pregancy. And once after s_x at about 6wks. The doctor suspected that it was late implantation bleeding and said some women can have this all throughout their 1st trimester. He said it was normal and there was nothing to worry about, unless the blood was red, heavy, and accompanied by cramping. I am 14 wks now---seen my baby a few times---and haven't had any spotting since. Stay positive!



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