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Lucy - April 4

I am hoping to find someone who (with certain dates) found a heartbeat but had a CRL that measured smaller than expected. If so, did you go on to have the baby catch up, or did they adjust your due date based on the CRL, anyone?


RG - April 5

From my LMP I am 8w4d today, from the us I had on Monday I would be 8w1d today. So basically the baby is 4 days smaller than what they estimate with the LMP. Just remember the date they give you with your LMP is an estimate, considering you have a 28 day cycle and you ovulated on day 15 or 16, what ever it is. If you ovulate later or have longer times between your period you can easily be off from that date they give you. My doctor said that as long as I was withing 7 to 10 days of what they determined by my LMP then they would stick with that due date. So I'm still saying that I am 8w4d. Also...if you had a us, you know that the baby isn't laying there straight as a board, it curvy and how in the heck are they suppose to get a straight measurement from head to toe if it's all curled up. I'd say ask your doctor the next time about adjusting yoru date...also make sure you tell them if you have longer periods or ovulated later in the cycle. Good luck! :) I'm just happy I have a little baby growing in my tummy and it's healthy (this is my first)


Nadine - April 5

My dr. also said that they stick with the first due date unless there is diff. of 7 or 10 days--you are fine! Congrats!


Lucy - April 5

Thank you guys. I was more worried that my Dr. was concerned about development and such, I don't care what my due date is as long as the baby is healthy. Thank you so very much.


RG - April 6

Yeah just remember Lucy....the due date they give you is an estimate from your LMP. I wouldn't be worried. Take care and keep us updated.


Kaila - April 6

I had the same problem when I went for my us they determined that I was approx. 5 weeks 6 days pregnant. However according to my LMP I would have been 8 weeks pregnant which is quite a diff. So all I can figure is that I ovulated late.


To Kaila - April 6

How far along are you now?


To RG - April 6

I will be 8 weeks on Thursday according to the ultrasound


Lucy - April 7

Kaila Have you had another ultrasound to see where you are actually measuring?


Kaila - April 7

I did and it still came back with the same results that I would be 8 weeks today.


Lucy - April 12

RG - Are you out there to give me an update?


RG - April 12

Hi Lucy! I'm here, I've been busy at work and not much time to be on here! I'm doing good....still no morning sickness and in my 10th week (will be 10 weeks Friday) yeah we are almost over that 12 weeks mark. How are you doing Lucy? I think I remembered seeing somewhere that the us said you were 8 weeks, was that you or someone else? Good luck to all!



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