7w1d No Heartbeat

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ecb88 - June 27

I had my first ultrasound this week and I should be 7 weeks, it showed 6 weeks w/o a heartbeat. Im not sure of my HCG level and I dont go to the doctor for another three weeks. Should I be worried or is it too soon to see maybe? I have heard about missed miscarriages and am very nervous! this is my second pregnancy, my first was a m/c though.


mcbee - June 27

Well, I can't tell you for sure, but I know that before I went in for my first u/s, my doctor was more concerned about what my HCG levels were instead of far along I was. He said that if my HCG levels weren't high enough, then we wouldn't see anything. So, he wanted to wait until they were at a certain point. For the life of me, I can't remember what he wanted them to be, though. Were you able to see anything at all? We saw a yolk sac and what looked like just a little grain of rice at 6w 4d.


KaraK - August 2

Hi ladies, I am in the sameboat. I am measuring 6 wks and they saw a yolk and sac but no heartbeat. My husband I and I really want this baby,and once the doctors start talking about miscarriages, it is so scary. I was sent to get my hcg levels checked and monday I should find my levels and having another ultrasound. I know usually bwt 8-12 weeks you should see and hear the heartbeat. I am so worried and it is nice to talk to others who are worried too and going through similar situations. good luck and hang in there.


KaraK - August 4

Well ladies, my worst dream came true today, and we were told that there is no baby. There was no heartbeat today again at 7 wks and I am devasted. I really wanted this child and I hope that I will become a mom soon. My husband and I had dreams of starting our family. I know 20% of pregnancies end this way, but it is so upsetting and my emotions are all of the place. I wish you all good luck with the rest of your pregnancies and good luck with your new little ones. I hope to chat with some of you all very soon.


gabesmommy - August 5

KaraK: I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I was 7w2d when I m/c my 4th on Sat. July 26. It is SO heartbreaking!!! We finally have an appointment set up to visit w/ my doctor on Aug 22 to start looking for answers. I brought my baby in the the labor and delivery triage unit the following Monday so w/ fingers crossed I am really hoping they can tell me something, anything as to why I keep losing them. Again I am very sorry.


KaraK - August 5

Thank you for your kind words. I can't imagine how you must feel and keep reopening a wound. I will pray for you and hope you get some anwswers or some type of relief that will make you feel better. Thanks again for your support. Good luck you.


KristineTM - August 5

Hello KaraK I am so sorry. When I read your story I was heartbroken. The same thing happened to us except I thought I was ten weeks and I was measuring only 5. The doctor thought at first my dates were way off and maybe I got pregnant the month after....but after the week from hell I had the same outcome as you. That was in August of last year. Then I had the same thing happen in March except the baby had a heartbeat the second time and everything looked fine. Well I few weeks after that I miscarried again. I am so sorry for what you are going through because I completely understand. It is even more shocking when u have no idea anything is wrong. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.


KaraK - August 6

Thank you Kristin for your story. I am so sorry for you, to go through it twice, must be so devasting to you and your family. It has been the worst two weeks, but I just know deep in my heart that it will happen again for us, and hopefully it will be okay, but the fear will taint the happiness of the pregnancy if and when it happens again. I hope you have a good outcome someday, and I appreciate all the prayers. Thanks again. Good luck.



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