8 Days Since Complete M C Amp Still Bleeding

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Jenn - November 16

I posted this on another thread; but there was no response. I'm posting this again in hopes that someone could provide some insight : Its been 8 days since my natural miscarriage. No D&C was needed. But I'm still bleeding regularly - more than spotting, but not more than a light day of my normal period. Shouldn't this have stopped by now ? Should I be concerned ? Also, I've resumed exercising. Exercising usually makes my period shorter because it causes me to bleed out faster. I do seem to bleed alot more when I exercise now, but I'm not sure if that's healing or hurting me. Exercising also brings on sharp intermitting pains in my uterius. Definitely not cramps. The pain is more anoying that painful, but I'm not sure if I should worry about them.... Has anyone got any advice ? I don't go back to the OB until Wed.


m - November 16

I don't have a definite answer for you, but it sounds to me like your body is still healing. Maybe it isn't ready for anything even slightly strenuous. I would definitely take it easy today and then when you see the doc tomorrow, hopefully he can tell you what's going on. good luck.


Vicki - November 16

I agree with M. I had a m/c last tuesday and my bleeding now is really light. I have heard it can take 1-3 wks depending on how far along in the pregnancy you were. I was out raking the yard this weekend and same thing.. pains in that area. If the pains continue pls go see the doctor as not all the tissue may have been pa__sed. Did they send you for an ultrasound to see if it all was pa__sed?


Jenn - November 16

I had an u/s & they thought all the tissue was gone. Hopefully the bleeding will stop soon. But, I'm not even sure what medically causes it. Maybe if I knew that, I'd feel better about it taking so long. Also, I'm wondering whether I should expect my next cycle 4-6 weeks from the date of m/c or from the date that the bleeding stops. Am I technically still miscarring as long as the bleeding continues ? Or is it all part of the healing process ?


m - November 17

I think it's the healing process. And also, I had 2 mc, with both, I ovulated almost exactly 3 weeks from the first day of mc bleeding. I'm sure all women are different. If your body is taking more time to heal, it may be a little longer until you start to cycle again. Keep us posted after your doctor's visit today. Thinking about you.


Jenn - November 18

OB visit today was uneventful. Just talked. He told me to call him in 6 weeks if I didn't start my period & to call him when I did start so we could do the Clomid thing again. Its so depressing to think that I probably won't ovulate again until the middle of January. These are going to be the slowest holidays ever.


m - November 18

Jenn, keep your chin up girl. You never know, you may ovulated tomorrow! Go to www.at-home-pregnancy-tests.com and check out those ovulation test strips. They are cheap, and they really work! Order you some of those and start tracking it if you want to know. I have been doing that since my last mc. I ovulated almost 2 weeks ago. Even though we didn't "try" this time (so my body could go through at least 1 full cycle), now I know how long it took me to ovulate..... and I know when Aunt Flow is coming. :o) It just kindof keeps my mind off of things to track my ovulation, also it makes the waiting game more bearable! Good luck.


jenn - November 19

I'm going to do that. Thanks m.



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