8 Week Ultrasound

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Kristin - February 23

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what I may be able to see at an 8 week ultrasound? Is it too early to see the heartbeat? Will the baby be moving around? I am just so anxious and curious! Any answers are appreciated!


JF - February 23

You probably won't be able to see much you will see the heartbeat and possible movement and the doc will point out where the head is and such.


Lesley - February 24

Usually by six weeks you are able to see a heartbeat so I am sure that at 8 weeks, you should definitely be able to see something worthwhile. Let us know and good luck!


Kristin - February 24

Thank you for the responses, I go in 4 days and I am so excited!


For Kristin - February 24

Hello. In response to your question... I had one done yesterday an 8 and 1/2 week Vag. u/s and what we saw was the sac and a shadow of the baby. No heartbeat yet. She said that i shouldnt be alarmed. But Women differ. I go back to her on March 1st for another one so my husband and i hope that it will be different. This is such a special gift we just are alarmed that we didnt see any heartbeat at that point. -armywife-


kk - February 25

Yea guess will all differ cause I went to what was suppose to be my 6 week and i saw the baby it wasn't big i also heard the heart beat


Jen - August 24

I had an v____al ultrasound at 8weeks and we could see the baby it was not really clear but it was definitly a baby and we got to hear the heartbeat... If they do a v____al ultrasound you should be able to hear the heartbeat ... GOOD LUCK!!!


mommabear11 - March 22

when you had your internal at 8 weeks, did you get pictures to take home like you would at a normal sonogram? I am pregnant for the first time and go for my first one Wednesday, and am hoping we get pictures, even though you can't see much at this point.


mommyofdkt - May 5

mommabear, this thread is 5 years old!!



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