8 Weeks

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Gentry Hughes - August 21

Hello. My boyfriend and I are really confused. I had an Ultra sound on Aug 7 and the doctor told me I was 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. But we saw a little flash that she said was a heart. On my Pregnancy calendar it says at 8 weeks, which I am now, you can detect the heartbeat. Was my doctor off by hoe pregnant I am or can you always see the heart beat, but only hear it at certain times?


Tracy - August 19

The heartbeat can be found as early as 5 wks. through ultrasound. By 8 wks. it should definately be found. My boyfriend and I went for an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat at 6wks 6 days. The doppler in the doctors office won't pick up a heartbear till about 12 wks though.


Christina Conyers - August 21

From what I have read, you can see the heart beat at 8 weeks, and hear it at 12 weeks. My doctor told me I was only about 6 weeks, but if you do the math right, I am 8 weeks. So yes, you too, might be 8 weeks. Good luck.


lori - September 26

hey can one of you's tell me how you can find out how many weeks preg you are? the doctor told me i was 5weeks...but i just want 2 make sure..please write back


jh - September 27

lori, you begin counting the weeks on the first day of your last missed period.


Liz - September 28

Lori, my books say you officially start counting your pregnancy from the first day of your last period, as maybe you don't really know when you conceived. But a doctor will be able to tell you how old the baby exactly is.


Bethany - September 30

Telling the age of the baby is hard. And sometimes, the doctor will do it by ovulation and not the first day of the last peroid. So, if you say 8 and he says around 6 then you both may be saying the same thing. :) :) :)


Tina - October 1

I'm about 7weeks and I saw the little flash (pertaining to the heart) and I don't know exactly wat the doc used but i heard the heart beat too. I too am wondering if I"m really 7weeks


Lori - October 1

okay..thank you very much everyone...iam 6weeks :) i got a blood test done and everything is going great



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