8 Weeks Amp Couldn T Find Anything On Ultrasound

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Amanda S. - January 29

I am 8 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound tech couldn't see anything in my uterus. She said the lining was very thick and it could be that the sac was just about to form. Had a Quant_tative HCG and had normal numbers for how far along I am. Anyone else experience this? Will there be a sac there soon?


leanne - March 1

hi there i should be six weeks today and i went for a v____al us today due to bleeding and the tech said to me the u/s was conclusive that she could maybe see a sac starting to form, and then took my blood, the wait is agonising, im just hoping that i am less than 6 weeks to explain the size of my sac, good luck.


Tara M - March 1

Hi there, I am 5 weeks pregnant and i had my first doctors app yesterday. And he and I both seen the sac but nothing else beacause it's to early. I go back in 4 weeks.


Phoebe - March 1

Amanda S. Just wondering what type of us the tech did... was it abd or v____al... At my 8 weeks... my doctor could just see the halo and a tiny speck... might want to give it... a little longer... or have the doctor do a vag... nothing against the techs... but I trust my doc more. :)


Krisitna - March 1

Amanda, I am 7 weeks and had a v____al ultrasound yesterday also due to a little bleeding like leanne, he sould not see the baby but the sac was present. He also said it could be to early and my dates could be off. So we did blood work and I go back next Wednesday again for an u/s and more blood work. Try to relax it all seems very normal from what I am reading and finding out. my prayers are with you.


melissa - March 2

i had a transv____al u/s at 5w3d and all they could see was a small empty sac. they mentioned possible blighted ovum. i am a nervous wreck now waiting on my hcg levels to come back and wondering when i'l have a follow up u/s.


D - March 2

Melissa - I had my first v____al u/s at 5w4d. We saw the sac, and the tiniest speck of something in it. It is normal to not see much or anything at this stage. My doc said she wanted to wait about 2 weeks so that we wouldn't go through so many stressful u/s not being able to see much. My last u/s was yesterday at 7w3d, and this time we saw the heartbeat and everything. Don't give up hope yet!


Needbaby - March 3

Amanda, I also have the same problem, yesterday I had vag u/s , the doc said that there is nothing in here. I am 7 weeks, but my doctor said that I might be wrong with my dates and it may still be 5 weeks, so will be going for another u/S after 2 weeks. My hcg is good but my progesterone is low and so I am on suppository.


Ellie - March 3

Hi - just wondering what the doctors mean when they say the dates might be wrong? Like the date of your last period or what? If we're ttc, we are positive about THAT date, right? I'm 8 wks along and go for my first OB appt on 3/7 - should put me at 8w6d - I hope to GOD they can see something. Any thoughts?


Janelle - June 1

I took a test on Friday May 27th and it came out positive but the line was very faint. I took another one on Saturday morning the 28th and the line was still faint. I went to the stroe and took another one Digital this time and it came up positive saying the word Pregnant. Today is Wednesday June 1st and I felt a little crampy with some lower back pain so I went into my Doctor and had an Ultra sound. There was nothing there not sac no baby no nothing. She felt my tubes and ask if that hurt when she pressed on them and I said no. So she sent me to the lab for blood work to check my HCG levels. Is it possible that I'm so early in the pregnancy that the baby hasn't implanted it's self??? I have had NO bleeding or pain. Please respond if anyone has had this happen. Thank you. J


Kathy - June 1

Janelle it is way too early to see anything. You should wait at least 2 weeks and go back to have another ultrasound done.


clg - June 1

To all- I know waiting is hard because I am doing the same thing. My firstv____al u/s was at 5 weeks and 3 days. My doc saw nothing. My hcg continues to more than double, its actually been tripiling, so I am not worried although I haven't seen a sac yet. This is my sixth pregnancy. If you have a tilted uterus, it may take longer to be able to see the sac or the baby. Unless, you know the exact day you ovulated or there is only 1 time you had s_x, you can get pregnant anytime during your cycle, so your dates may be off as well. Sperm lives in your body up to 3 days. For me, I have irregular periods so I have no clue when I ovulate. It's so hard to tell unless you are exact! Melissa- Please don't let your doc talk you into to anything until you are both completely positive that there is no baby. As long as your not bleeding heavily w/bad cramps, I would wait. Most likely the next time you have an u/s the baby will be there. And if it was a abdominal u/s they won't be able to see anything this early. Good luck to all of you!


Jessica - June 1

Hello- I am 8 weeks and go in for a v____al u/s tomorrow afternoon. I am now very nervous that I too will see nothing after reading some of the other girls stories. Has anyone had a u/s at around 8 weeks and seen anything? Another question, isn't it supposed to be better when using the v____al u/s rather than the regular one?


clg - June 1

Jessica- Yes the v____al u/s is better in early pregnancy. I did see my baby at 8 weeks with all of my pregnancies(except this one, because I am not 8 weeks yet!). I will let you know what I see when I go back for another u/s! Good luck to you!!!!


Amy - June 1

Well...we just got from a long long day at the Docs. Im 6 weeks today. I have been spotting for 3 days and I needed to get the Rhogam today which they didn't order and now I have to wait till tomarrow. To top it off when they did the Vag u/S today...he saw nothing! No sac, no nothing! My levels were 7.046 which he said was normal for 6 weeks and now he is afraid of a Tubal pregnancy, but I have no pain or cramping. He said he couldn't see anything in the tubes, but if I had any pains..to go directly to the ER...A long story short..I have to go back tomarrow for more tests. He said that everything might be ok..or might not be...Very mind easing if I do say so my self <insert sarcasm> The drama continues..we leave the Docs office, us crying, freaking out and scared only to have a huge bulge in the front tire, (Mind you, my OB is 50 miles from home due to PPO insurance) and we have to wait 3 hours after hearing the News that there is something wrong with the baby to have the tire fixed. Finally we get the tire fixed, go thru the Drive thru at McDs so we can finally go home...and NO STRAWS...I would have so liked to take my aggressions out on the lady at McDs who forgot the straws..but hubby wouldn't turn around lol We are home now...hopefully no cramps tonight and we can find out tomarrow what is really going on with me and the baby. Thanks for the ear. Amy


clg - June 1

RE:my first post Sorry Melissa I meant for that to be directed to Janelle. Just got confused on which one I was responding to!


Jessica - June 2

Thanks CLG- Let me know, and I will also keep you posted on what I find out today.



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