8 Weeks Due November 5 Finally A Sex Drive Anyone Else

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Lisa - March 31

I had nausea and br___t tenderness now my symptoms have dissapated..which does worry me, but I can't live in fear I have decided. I have had 2 mc's in the past year, this one has gone further than any of the others. I had an u/s the 25th and heard the heart beat!! I do, however, keep checking my br___ts to see if they hurt. O' and I am still exhausted!


C - April 1

Hi Lisa I am due Nov 11th - feeling bloated and still have some b___st tenderness but I find that is getting better! I am so tired that I really have not had much of a s_x drive at all! I am guessing that is normal?? Hope your pregnancy goes well - congrats !!


michelle - April 1

i'm 5 weeks 3 days, had 2 m/c and 1 eptopic, i really hope this one ontinues, i'm very bloated, tired, achey b___bs and totally off s_x... my poor partner!!! thing is i'm up nearly all night with my ibs in pain and feeling sick... i'm waiting for early ultrasound and can't wait to hear its heartbeat and to see if there is more than one(clomid got me pregnant)


Kelly K - April 1

I'm one of the lucky ones I guess. My s_x drive hasn't changed much at all. I'm due Nov 4th myself. 9 weeks as of today!


Nikki - April 1

Hi guys! I'm 7 weeks due Nov. 16th. This is my second pregnancy, my first ened with a miscarriage back in Oct. I'm really nervous too! We got to hear the heartbeat as well on the 25th. it was 114 (is that good?), the baby measured 5mm. Today has been a rough day for me, my fears have really gotten the best of me. I'm just so scared that when I go back to listen to the doppler on April 28th that I won't hear the heartbeat. That was so hard last time.


Lisa - April 2

Nikki, I understand your fears! I have the same ones! My next appointment is the 18th of April. We are thinking of renting one of the heart monitors of stork.net. Then we can hear the heartbeat whenever we want. They are about $22 a month. Keep me posted on how you are doing!


Felicity - April 3

Lisa, I have the same thing: more s_x drive, but a dissipation of b___st tenderness-even a deflation! and no more bloating. I'm due Nov. 4 and worried too. Can someone else address this loss of symptoms?



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