8 Weeks Pregnant And No Symptoms

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Bryan - November 22

Hi all, my wife is 8 weeks pregnant but is not suffering from any signs of pregnancy. Is this abnormal or is she one of the lucky ones?


Kristina - November 27

Hi Bryan, I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and I also have not experienced any uncomfortable symptoms. Not all pregnant women suffer from negative side affects...lets be thankful we're the lucky ones! :)


lilmama - November 27

She is very lucky! So are you if she hasnt started biting your head off yet! I think my husband is ready to kill me and I am only 8 weeks too! I hope she skips the morning sickness phase too! Enjoy it while you can!!


darline - November 29

she's one of the lucky ones. i had my first daughter and i didn't have any signs. i didn't even start showing until i was 6 months. went into labor and didn't even know it at 9 months. the only thing i had was the food cravings at around 6 months. but other then that she' s fine.


Crystal - November 30

Bryan, no need to be concerned. I am 10 weeks and I have had little to no symtoms so far. I spent the first few weeks being concerned about nothing (literally). Tell your wife the same thing I tell myself everday.....enjoy her pregnancy, she is very lucky. She'd know if something was wrong.


Lindsey - November 30

Tell your wife she is lucky...I am at 8 weeks and until yesterday I've had no symptoms other than sore b___sts. Yesterday and today the nausea has kicked in. Tell her to enjoy it! Congrats!


Bryan - December 2

Nevermind....She is now 9 weeks and starting to have morning sickness and is very tired. Well, it was good while it lasted.


J - December 2

Oh well Bryan Atleast she Isn't like ME. I am at 4 weeks and I feel Like throwing up every other hour! Haven't got the sore b___sts yet.. This is my second one So i scared about the weight. LOL right now your LUCKY you get to see your wife go through these stages... GL with the baby!


June - December 5

Count yourself lucky!! I am pregnant with my second child and i have felt sick and have been throwing up since i concieved i am 7wks pregnant with my first child i didnt start feeling pregnant until 5months and didnt show until 7months.Enjoy It while it lasts!


charity - December 12

Hello everyone and congrats to all, I am 8 weeks prg too, for a couple of weeks i had nausea and b___st tenderness and now overnight one night i have no symptoms, it has been like this for the past 4 days now, doctor did a hcg level test and will do another on monday to make sure they have doubled to make sure everything is going smooth It worries me i was sick alot with my first (boy)


jodie - December 13

im 9 weeks pregnant and i havent had any smptoms at all so we must be one of the kucky ones.


Lisa - December 14

Well I wish I was that lucky I am constantly nauseaus and so tired I can barley stay awake. I wish I didnt have any symptons and this is my second child I knew what I was getting into.


mishelle - December 21

I know I am only 5 weeks but I havent had any either I really thought I would have morning sickness my dr informs me to wait it can happen 8-12weeks or I could be the one of the lucky ones. Thank you so much for chatting about it I feel so much better. Good luck. Keep smiling


Mandi K - December 27

I had no symptoms at all my 1st pregnancy. Its perfectly normal. Consider her LUCKY so far! :)


Cat - December 27

i am pregnant with my 3rd and i had no symptoms with any of them. my first pregnancy i couldnt believe i was preg because i wasnt sick i didnt show untill the end and the only sign i had was no periods so you must be one of the lucky ones. but i know it is hard to really believe your pregnant when you dont feel any different


amber - December 28

enjoy it while it lasts! i didnt know i was pregnant until i was a month and a half along because i had no signs, at least not many that made me consider it. It didnt last long!


Alanna - January 3

Same here - 8 weeks and no symptoms except occasional sore b___sts and diarroaheah. Mum just informed me she was the same with her pregnancies. Fingers crossed!



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