8 Weeks Showing As 6 1 2 Weeks In The Ultrasound

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Nat - October 20

Has anyone had this situation. I am 8 weeks pregnant but the ultrasound is showing that I am 61/2 weeks pregnant. I am scared. I just hope everything is ok. Please share your stories or input if you have experienced this. Thanks.


Cathy - October 20

You are 8 weeks from your last period. Therefore you say 8 weeks. Your baby however is 6.5 weeks from conception. This by the way is how they will give you a due date. Nothing to worry about. We don't concieve on the first day of our last period it is just a stepping stone until we know when we concieved. Good luck to you.


Anne - October 20

I thought I was 8 wks tomorrow, but I will actually be 7 wks tomorrow. I ovulated later than normal. I had an u/s today and saw the baby and heard the heartbeat, 150 bpm. The doctor said everything was fine. Don't worry!


heather - October 21

hello, well i now am 7 weeks today. and when i went to the doctor 3 weeks ago i thought that i was almost 8 weeks and my doc did an ultrasound and asked me if i was sure about my dates and i said i thought so... he measured the sack and said no your 5 weeks today... and you really couldnt see much. but he said everything was fine.. some babys just start out slow.. like yours and mineits alright dont worry.. hope this helps


April mom - October 21

Nat - I has the same thing happen to me too. I was 9 weeks along my first Ultrasound, but the US put me at 8 weeks. I was a little worried. but they could still see a heartbeat, so the midwife said everything was normal. We did hear the heartbeat thro a doppler at 13 weeks (by LMP). I am 14 weeks and 2 days now, and I think I am doing fine. So do not worry. Lot of things interfere. If you have a tilted uterus, then that might be causing an interference in the ultrasound too.


Bridget - October 21

I had my first appointment set at 8 weeks and when I had the ultrasound, I was barely at 6 weeks. They found a heart beat and said everything was fine. My doctor said mine was because I have irregular periods so the dates were off.


Nat - October 24

Thank you all who responded to me. I fell alittle better now. I am going today for another ultrasound. I will let you know how it goes.



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