8 Wks Spotting Freaking Out HELP

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keerthy - June 16

Hi ladies, I am 8 weeks now.... got my BFP on 5th June. Today morning had some brwn discharge..... seen only wen i wipe with toilet paper (sorry TMI) No cramping.. no pain.... But as far as i remember yday i had been shopping to tesco and to halfords.. . had walked a little bit more than i normally do LOL! I have become lazy after getting BFP plus my mother says to take rest until 12 weeks and then start excercising! We had been to NANDO's for lunch yday - my fav (but not anymore coz yday i could smell everything... n it disgusted me!!) when i was sitting at the table waiting for food i had sharp pain on my right side lower abdomen which lasted for a few seconds and then everything was normal. And today morning I had a brown discharge on my panty(barely visible unless u observe closely) and tissue!!! It was brownish in the beginning and became creamy and now it is white with a little pink stuff in between! Is this normal??? my midwife is coming at 2 30 pm but i couldn't wait so I just booked an appt with my doct at 10 10 am ....... but I need to hear from you ladies....... I need some reassurance!!!!


Bilmes123 - June 16

I had spotting from 5 weeks to 12 weeks with tiny bits of clotting but did not have cramps or any blood flow. They have seemed to stop now though I am at 14 weeks and still get the tiny clots...just no blood. My doctor said you shouldn't worry unless you bleed in more than one pad in a day and have extreamly violent cramps. Everything for me seems to be fine now :D so I hope everything goes well for you too


E586467 - June 16

Spotting can be normal during the first trimester, but you should still always tell your doctor just in case. I had spotting at 6wks with dd, it was pinkish & lasted a couple of days. I had bleeding with clots at 13-14wks with ds which scared the c___p out of me, I went in for an emergency ultrasound & thankfully it was just a threatened miscarriage caused from a low lying placenta. I am currently 10.5wks with #3 & so far have had no spotting. I am not really worried if I do get some light spotting but I will still definitely tell my doctor to make sure everything is fine. I hope your spotting is nothing to worry about, & let us know what the doc & midwife says, if they are worried they will usually book you in for an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok.


mary b - June 16

First of all, don't wait till 12 weeks to exercise!!! You should be exercising all throughout pregnancy. 2nd, I believe that brown discharge is just old blood and nothing to worry about. Def tell your Doc. Good Luck.


ejmeskan - June 16

keerthy- I am sorry you have to deal with that- it is scary. I did spot with both of my pregnancies- my first was just implantation bleeding but the second was at about 8 weeks- but I was ironically at the gym when it started! And just to rea__sure you unless you have abnormal circ_mstances exercise doesn't cause miscarriage...that is a myth- in fact I have been doing turbo kickbox through this entire pregnancy (now 22 weeks) but just make sure if you haven't done any that you don't just start up strong right now! good luck- I am sure it is going to be just great!



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