8 Wks And Bleeding With Mild Cramps

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princes518 - November 11

I am just starting my 8th week. Started lightly bleeding 4 days ago. Bleeding got hevier but not as bad as my period. Slight cramps but not that bad. I am waiting for my blood test and an ultrasound but my ultra sound isnt for another 5 days. Do you think it ould be a misscarage? I havent had any clots or bad pains. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am going crazy waiting around!!!


Leanne - November 11

A miscarriage is usually accompanied by paonful cramping and some clots or tissue like matter.I spotted in the first trimester with both of my preg. and the docs always say that it is a possibility to miscarry and whenever there is bleeding and cramping it is called a "threatened miscarriage".I would start to worry if the blood is bright red(fresh blood) and it gets heavier instead of tappering off,and continued cramping. Not to sound bleak but of course it is possible a miscarriage is inevitable,i know the feeling of waiting around,scared to go to the bathroom! I hope this helps a bit,and wish you good luck.


Leanne - November 11

Sorry i guess i should add that both my pregnancies continued just fine,it is very common to have some bleeding as long as its not heavy like a period.


princes518 - November 12

I had no spotting or tissue. Today it has seemed to stop. I did bleed fairly haevy i would say more than just spotting but never as heavy as my peroid. Anyway thanks for the info.


sara - November 12

It is so hard to tell you just have to wait I thought everythking was ok with me but than a week later I had mt m/c


jj - November 12

all I can tell you is that pray and wait Sorry but there is not much else you can do Good luck


marclj - November 12

I was reading this and its really scary I am haveing alot of the same symptoms my appt. is tommarrow Ill keep you postedon what happens. Any more advice out there?


cara - November 12

I need some opinions on this also. I hardly have any cramps only mild one occasionally and no clots or tissue has ben pa__sed but i have been bleeding fo 5 days. My doc says it could be ok or it may not i also have to wait untill next week to get a sonogram. any advice .it s so hard to just wait around.


princes518 - November 13

Well everything has seemed to stop now. No more bleeding but I am still scared. Is it possible to misscarry without any clots or tissue? I feel pretty normal. I am going crazy and i still have 4 days untill I will know anything.


E - November 13

It is possible to mc and not pa__s the tissue. If I were you, I would call the clinic today and chances are they will give you an ultrasound right away. I don't think they make women wait when they are bleeding. I had some bleeding in my 15th week and was told to come into the clinic that moment. Best wishes.


princes518 - November 13

I have been to the doctor he did some blood work and scheduled me for a sonogram on teusday. Im just going crazy waiting. Today I havent been bleeding at all.


m - November 13

good luck to all of you


princes518 - November 16

Well today is the day I go for my s/g.I am scarded to death!! Any last minute words of hope out there?


vicki - November 16

Good luck today! I am sure everything will go well. If you hav stopped bleeding the docs always see this as a good sign. Keep us posted



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