8 Wks Lost All Symptoms Reassurance

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Quibbler - January 23

Hi everyone, Nearly a week ago I lost all my pregnancy symptoms- nausea, etc but didn't have any bleeding. I was paranoid in case I was having a missed/ delayed miscarriage. I just wanted to let other people who are in the same situation that it doesn't necessarily mean a miscarriage- I had a scan today and the baby was fine. The radiographer said that while it can happen that way, everyone is different, so think positive thoughts!


elisveta - January 23

why would you think something is wrong if you have no symptoms? Especially a miscarriage?


Michelle C - January 23

hey quibbler. i was wondering what happened to you on the SEPT mommies to be section. im glad to hear the baby is okay. I guess you can consider yourself lucky not to have syptoms. Good luck with everything.


lara - January 23

THANK YOU!!!!! I am 11w5d and for the past two weeks have really had no symptoms. I am worried.... my brain knows everything is fine since my belly is growing and I haven't had any bleeding or anything but I'm just so paranoid. My first u/s is Wednesday, so my fingers are crossed that my mind will be put at ease and I can enjoy the rest of this pregnancy! Thank you Thank you for your post! It was so nice to read it!


buffy2297 - January 24

Don't want to frighten you ladies but my symptoms dissappeared at 8 weeks and I went for a scan at 9 weeks to find that the baby had died at 7weeks. This is called a missed miscarriage. I had no idea that this could happen I always thought a miscarriage was pain and bleeding but this is not the case. My stomach still felt like it was growing I guess I was just bloated. I just wanted to tell you that this can happen because I didn't know and it made it whole lot worse for me. Anyway I'm sure you will all go on to have very healthy babies. I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and realise how lucky you are. Cherish those little kidney beans with every piece of your heart they are worth it. Good luck and take care



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