8w3d Ultrasound Says 5w6d

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Melissa M. - June 9

My last menstrual period was April 11. I have had about 4 ultasounds to see if they can tell how far along I am and they were also due to a cyst that was causing pain to my right ovary. Today the ultrasound showed a gest sac, yolk sac, and something else that looked like a little white dot directly between the yolk and gest sac. There was no heart beat. I am showing on the ultrasound 5w6d. The doctors think I could have ovulated late due to just coming off of bcp's. There is also a chance that this is a bad sign and my pregnancy is going nowhere. Anyone have a similiar situation?


val - June 9

Bcp's can do some really strange things to your body and when you go off them your body can go all crazy. My first thought was you probably ovulated later than you thought...I hope this is the case! I'm sorry I have never been in that situation, I am still ttc, just now on my second af after going off the pill, so going on 3 months ttc now...The first month off the pill, my body went crazy and I thought sure I was pg, I had every symptom in the book but neg tests and af showed up 3 days late. Knowing how crazy they can make your body I really have hope that you just ovulated late! Sorry I can't be of more help than this. Good luck!!


TC - June 9

It is definitly possible that you ovulated later than you think!I recently had a similar situation where I should have been 8 weeks pregnant but the size was only 6 weeks. We did get a heartbeat but unfortunatly we lost it last week. You just need to keep your hopes up (i know that is easier said than done). Every womans body does things differently so don't give up!!!


Kim - June 10

Melissa - I am suppose to be 8 weeks by the doctors standards and they are telling me I am only around 6.5. I was having brown spotting very early on so I had to go for an ultrasound at what the Docs said was 5 weeks but from my calculations was only 2.5 weeks from conception. I know I ovulated around and got pregnant on either the 24th or 25th of April. But the Docs go by your last period and they don't always listen to the patient. So, to make a long story short I went back on June 6th and we saw the fetus and got a really good heartbeat but the Doctor still said I was measuring small... I have asked around a lot and everyone has said that there is very little individual variation in growth in the first trimester. I am relying on how I feel and that since my spotting stopped weeks ago and I have no other problems that everything will be fine. If something is wrong it is happening for a reason that we have no control over.


Stacy - June 10

when i was 6 weeks pregnant according to my lmp i did an ultrasound and nothing was found...so they suspected an ectopic pregnancy...the check my hcg levels and they were doubling every 2 to 3 days...so three weeks later they did another ultrasound and a baby was found according to that ultrasound was right at 7 weeks...early ultrasound are very accurate so my doctor tells me...good luck


Lia - June 10

I'm 8w2d my LNMP was April 14. On June 1st I had a ultrasound done I calculated that would have made me 7w0d and the sound said 6w3d. I asked the dr about it and she said that I could have ovualted later making the baby technically younger in age. She also said that I was consistent with being 7 weeks. How is that I thought? She explained that the smaller the baby is the less accurate the ultra sound. She said as we get closer to 12 weeks we will get a more accurate reading. I hope this helps. Stay positive.


Melissa - June 10

Well I talked to my OB toady to dicuss yesterday's ultrasound...she had more insight considering she has my blood work. She said she does not think this is a viable pregnancy because my numbers were around 2000 2-3 weeks ago and by now they should hear a heartbeat. If they do not detect one next week I am sceduling a D&C.


erica - June 10

Melissa, maybe you have a tilted uterus. If you do it's very hard to detect a heartbeat or a baby. I really think that if you are feeling good and you are not bleeding wait another 2-3 weeks. Plus if something happened your body will reject and you will start bleeding. The reason that I tell you is that I hear and see alot of cases where they cant see or hear anything at 8-11 weeks and they go get a second opinion and it was a tilted utures.


Melissa - June 13

Well I went to the emergency room yesterday because I started bleeding after s_x. The doctor said everything looked fine. Is that normal. And they took my HCG which was around 26000. I feel like this is a high #...but scares me because nothing showed on the ultrasound last Thursday.


erica - June 13

Did you have and ultrasound done at the Emergency Room?


Melissa - June 13

No they did not give me an ultrasound. I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Thursday. My OB just said that if they do not detect a heartbeat Thursday than I can a__sume this isn't a viable pregnancy. She said my HCG is showing good, but that can still be secreted in a miscarriage.



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