8w3d Pg W 2nd Child No Symptoms Anyone Else

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Janette - April 28

Hi there! I'm a bit nervous/worried. With my son I was VERY sick w/ m/s from about 6-7 weeks thru 15. W/ this one, I had a few days of nausea, I was pretty tired in the very beginning, and my br___ts are not really sore. What is up w/ that?? Is it normal and possible to be like this? I might add, my son is only 8 months old (we wanted our children close together) so maybe the fact that my body isn't "completely" back to normal is why I don't have many symptoms? Can anyone relate? Please reassure me!! Oh, and I did get an u/s last Tuesday where we saw the heartbeat :) So I know there's a baby there....I just still worry :(


jena - April 28

i'm jealous!!! i'm 8w3d with my first & second child (twins!) but I have horrible nausea - I wouldn't worry if I were you because they say all pregnancies are totally different. Just rejoice in feeling good! :) Congrats!


Jenny - May 6

My due date is 21/12/2005 with my second child too. I have a confirmed pregnancy, occasionally feel slightly nauseous and had to wee very often first two weeks but now don't really feel pregnant at all and must wait for my midwife appointment around week 10/11! Think it is normal each pregnancy is different for people. Last time I had same just nauseous occasionally not actually sick and no other symptoms other than expanding belly after 6 months!


Janette - May 6

Your story sounds exactly like mine. I will be 8 weeks on Sunday. I also had a few days of nausea (only do now when I brush my teeth), my b___sts are no longer sore and I'm not anywhere close to being as tired as I was in the beginning. I also saw the hb last week-how fast was yours? Mine was 125. I had a m/c 7 years ago and am extremely worried about every little thing. I've decided if my b___sts don't return to being PAINFUL ;o) by Monday, I'm calling the doc. Please keep me posted on your pregnancy and good luck to all!



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