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Megan P - February 6

I'm 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. I am suffering from horrible nausea-duh, but also AWFUL headaches. My boss has already forced me to cut down at work, which I can't really afford, but since I've called in so much lately i guess is only fair. Also, I can't sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend because he smells so much. Everything smells awful. His breath, the sheets, the refrigerator, the cat box, I even think I smell bad. Does this go away soon? Anyone else have headache remedies?


jessicaspatherapist - February 6

i feel for you meghan.....i'm a ma__sage therapist and for my whole first trimester i was so nauseated by everyone and their nasty smells....everyone still smells to me (that symptom stays with you) but i no longer want to puke when i put my hands on someone or have to smell their breath when i'm giving them a scalp ma__sage! actually the other night i told my husband that his neck smelled really bad and it was bothering me and so the next day he said "honey, i scrubbed my neck for you" i'm almost 16 weeks.


taraleej - February 6

I have the exact same problem everything smells to me...i mean everything!!! I asked the doctor and she said, if anything, its going to get worse lol....as for the headache..the only thing that helps me is drinking a huge gla__s of water really fast..


TiffanyRae - February 6

Hey Megan I know exactly how you feel! Everything smells horrible! I had very severe nausea...went to the hospital a couple of times for IVs and drugs....but things are definitly better now. I am 15 weeks and the nausea has gotten loads better but the smells are still horrible. I promise you it will get better....... I had bad head aches also and found that I needed more sleep! So now I am a loser and go to bed at around seven! But anyway I hope you feel better soon and just know everything you feel is normal!


Megan P - February 6

I'm really worried about what this is going to do to my relationship with my boyfriend. No s_x obviously and he just reeks to me of bad breath and if he has a gla__s of wine or beer- of seeping alcohol. How can I even kiss him? My sister called me to ask to borrow one of my shirts and I told her that she could but that I was going to wash it because it reeks of BO. She came and got it and emailed me that she thought it smelled like flowers!!


flipthea - February 6

I'm the same way....my husband sleeps in a different bedroom now. I can't stand a lot of the smells! I also have a headache and it seems to be everyday. I just deal with it.


jen327 - February 6

I don't thave this problem with people, but wiwth food. I can't eat when we go out to dinner because of all the nasty smells. I often cook a tv dinner and then one wiff and barff. I am 14 weeks not and it has not gone away, just gotten worse. But I have learned to not smell as much. i just breath through my mouth. I also got flavered chapstick I like and put tht on thick when we go out to dinner.


denimb__terfly - February 7

I tell my husband every night to move over cause his breath smells like poop! LOL I can't stand the smell of ANYTHING right now. And, what makes that worse is I smell EVERYTHING right now. Go figure.


Megan P - February 7

I'm serious. PLEASE tell me the smell thing goes away or subsides in the second trimester. I smelled my boyfriends rank breath which completely saturated the room wafting out from underneath the guest room door (I won't let him sleep with me) this morning. I had to cover my face until I left the house and I held my breath a lot. I'm at work now and I still smell it.


jessicaspatherapist - February 7

lol...megan the smell thing does NOT go away for the entire pregnancy....however the nausea and the headaches will go away....try putting on a nice smelling chapstick or put some lavendar oil right under your nose or peppermint oil that may help....or make your boyfriend gargle with listerine! lol


MNMOM - February 7

I had the smell problem with my first pregnancy really bad, it subsided in the second trimester however. This time I don't have issues hardly at all. I don't like the smell of coffee or BBQ but it's not like last time when my hubbys cologne made my stomach turn! maybe I will have a girl this time since this pregnancy is so different?!?! :)


kimberly - February 7

This is my 3rd baby and I have had this with each one. My dh is a smoker and I can't stand his breath. He smokes outside but it just reaks off of him when he comes in, I make him sit far away from me. I truely can't stand it...and it doesn't go away or atleast it didn't for me.



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