9 1 2 Weeks No Heart Beat

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Matt - November 7

At the 9 1/2 week point we had a routine ultra sound that revealed the fetus had no heart beat. There appeared to be a cyst in the cranial area as well. The pregnancy was terminated. My wife and I are both 37 and healthy. This will be our first misscariage. From what the doctors have said the loss is genetic in origin. We want to have a baby. Any suggestions or observations? Thanks


W - November 7

I think u should have waited until ur wife started to bleed, I just think that it is wrong for them to terminate ur baby. Maybe if u waited the heart may have c_m later on. I just feel there could have been something there. Sorry to hear ur story. oh ye I am nine weeks and have not had any scans, my dr/midwife has tol dme that it wont be necca__sary to do one until the 13th week, unless i was having complications. hope this helps. Good luck x


janet - November 7

i hope you realise you have probably made this couple feel very guilty about terminating their pregnancy because you said if they had waited a little bit longer the heartbeat may have come. to be totally honest with you if there was no heartbeat at 9 weeks the pregnancy was probably finished. the doctors know what to look out for and know what a fetus would look like at 9 weeks pregnant. good luck to you both it will happen one day, i have had 4 miscarriages and now have 2 very healthly children and another one on the way, dont give up trying it will happen when the time is right, god bless.


W - November 8

Erm excuse me janet, I didnt intend on making this couple feel guilty, just goin from experience as they did ask for SUGGESTIONS or OBSERVATIONS, so could you please read properly before responding!


W - November 8

For your information Janet, my husband is a DR! OK!


janet - November 8

the doctors would never have suggested a termination if they thought the pregnancy could take a turn for the best. i was advised 2 years ago to terminate my baby at 12 weeks but i did not listen because i thought everything would be okay, and guess what i had a miscarriage at 18 weeks pregnant, now im sorry to say this if you are going to lose a baby you are better of losing it early than going through what i went through.


janet - November 8

also if you had read the question proply you will have noticed that the doctors had found other problems with the baby.


emma - November 8

I lost may baby when I was 9 weeks pregnant and end up having D&C. I know there was no mistake. If there is no haert beat don't hope there might be later on. When you 9-10 weeks pregnant there should be a strong heart beat. My doctor was able to tell me exactly when I lsot my baby, and it might take up to a month for a women to stat to bleed. There is a risk of infection as well. So waiting is not recomended. Anyway, just wait at least 3 months and try again. It might be a good idea to have a physical before trying, have your blood work and hope for the best. When I lost my baby I was told it was genetic as well, which is really good news, it just happens sometimes and there is nothing you could do about it. Well, I am pregnant again and everything is just fine. Good luck!!!!!!


???? - November 8

Doctors can be wrong.. I had a friend who had an ultra sound at 5 months and was told to terminate because the baby had kidneys developing outside the body and the spine... she didn't terminate and baby was perfect at birth. Sorry for your loss..but GOD is in control all the time... next time let him decide to terminate.... Sorry for your loss... but you can try again... trust in him to get you through....he is good...


janet - November 8

hi ????, i am sorry its not a nice thing to go through but if there is no heartbeat at 9 weeks there never will be.


concerned - November 8

if your husband is a doctor he should know that there is a slim chance that the baby would be alright.


A - November 8

What is wrong with you people?????? There was no heart beat!! There is no chance that a baby was alive. And Matt is here for support and suggestions not for you telling him that he and his wife made mistake. They didn't.


janet - November 8

who was that reply meant for, not me i hope. if you read my posts i said there was no chance either.


A - November 8

Janet I agree with you. I don't know why people try to make Matt feel guilty. He and his wife went through enough already. No haert beat and baby had some kind of genetic problems, there is no chance! No question about it.


W - November 8

To Janet, No the baby never had a heartbeat that is all, the rest was to do with the cranial area since when has that been the baby??? I appreciate that u had to go through some trauma but atleast u let nature takes it's cause, which I think that this couple should have also. I am ent_tled to my own opinion. Thanks.


W - November 8

Besides it's is up to oneself to consider what is the best, but like I said MY OPINION would have been to wait. So I dont know why you are all on the defence! This is freedom of speech! Thanks.


******* - November 8

Yes I agree people can give their own opinions so I think u women should just concentrate on answering the question and not what other people have answered!!! No one is trying to make anyone feel guilty here.



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