9 3 Weeks Prego And Symptoms Have Gone Away

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debbie80 - January 29

Hi- I am currently 9.3 weeks prego. My first few weeks I was so queasy to my stomach, I had morning sickness and I couldnt keep any food down. I have had two m/c before. This is the longest I have gone so far while being pregnant. Is it normal for your symptoms to just stop out of the blue? I do not really have any m/s and the only thing I have still is being so tired and I get out of breath really fast...is this my hormones leveling off now or what? I am scared that I could have another m/c due to no more symptoms?? Any help would be great. Thanks


hapistuff - January 29

Debbie80 - This is my first time pregnant, so I do not have a lot of experience. I have read a lot of books on pregnancy and I know what I would do. I would get an appt. with my doctor right away. I would be insistent. It’s better to play it safe. Keep us updated. I hope it is nothing and everything is fine. Good Luck!


lawlady72 - January 29

I had same thing, am 11w4d, syptoms came and went and now bbs are only slightly sore with very occa__sional nausea.


taraleej - January 29

Im 10 weeks and my symptoms have completly gone away about a week ago..just tired!! Ive talked to my doctor and she said this is normal...glad to here im not the only one...dont worry good luck!


debbie80 - January 29

Thanks ladies! Its nice to know that we are all going through something simular. I am going to call my doctor to see what she says-but I am pretty sure it is just my hormones starting to level off. About a week ago I had to switch my cereal that I was eating because it was making me puke every morning-now that I am eating cherrios and a pop tart, I have not had any morning sickness yet- I am still tired all the time and I am starting to get these weird flutterly feelings in my stomach..anyone else have these??



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