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Kristen - April 11

Hello- i am 91/2 weeks pregnant-first baby. I am so excited and nervous. I am due 11/10 and wondering if anyone else is due around the same time? I would just like to hear how everyone else is feeling now-I have gone to the dr already and saw the baby and heartbeat which was amazing! I haven't really had any morning sickness-I'm jyst tired alot which seems to finally be subsiding. I would love to hear from anyone. I am just so nervous and can't wait for the first trimester to be over-then I think I'll relax alittle. I'm still afraid to tell anyone-even though more people than I'd like to know do know(no one keeps a secret.) Thanks


alexis - April 11

I'm due 11/11


sonia - April 11

I'am due 11/1


to sonia - April 11

How are you feeling? Have you gone to the dr yet?


$$$ - April 11

I am due 10/31 ro 11/01


v - April 11

I am due 11/8. This week feeling pretty good. Almost no m/s and b___bs aren't quite as sore. I haven't been to the dr as in canada you don't go until just about 3mnths. Still a little tired but it is all worth it! Hope all is well with everyone else.


A - April 11

I'm due Nov 6, I still haven't been to my obgyn for the ultrasound (going this Friday), I can't wait to finally see her and make sure everything is ok. I actually feel much better this week, most of my nausea is gone and I'm getting more energy. All good.


Kristen - April 11

Congrats to everyone. It is really so exciting. I'm glad that some of you are feeling better-I was getting worried that I wasn't as tired anymore but I guess going into my 10th week that is normal. A and V it is so exciting to see the baby on the us-is this your first?


Stephanie - April 11

Hi Kristen, I am just entering my 9th week, I am due November 14th! I think we are in the same boat. I dont have any morning sickness either! I am extremely tired all the time, but hopefully that will start to go away soon. I feel like a couch potato, when I am normally not. I read the book "Belly Laughs," by Jenny McCarthy yesterday, you need to read it, it is hilarious! My Dr. suggested it, and I am glad she did! I am so extremely nervous too and can't wait to get through the 1st trimester, as well. I also got to see the heartbeat, what an experience. My Husband and I were so moved! That was so neat! Congratulations and keep in touch!!!


BabyTiger - April 11

Due 18Nov.


RG - April 11

Hey Kristen (and all others) I'm due 11/11 and will be 10 weeks Friday. This is my first and I don't feel pregnant. I'm just enjoying it, so girls are so jealous that I don't have any sickness...but who knows, it could come later. Been to the ob and had first us, heartbeat was 165 and very healthy. I'm so excited. Good luck to all.


Nadine - April 11

I'm due 11/6. Hi A--my mrg sickness also left this week!


Jessica - April 11

Hi, Kristen. I am also in my 9th week. I haven't had any morning sickness although I do feel dizzy and tired most of the day. The first due date my obgyn gave me was October 23 because they thought I was 11 weeks, but then they moved me back to 8 weeks, so I'm due around October 13th. I go back on 4-20 for my first ultrasound. I'm really nervous! This is my first pregnancy and I just feel weird. I feel like I'm already showing, but I've only gained 3.5 pounds and it seems as if all of it has gone straight to my stomach. Is anyone else having trouble fitting into regular clothes, or already wearing maternity clothes?


Julie - April 11

when did everyone start telling people? I will be 10 weeks on Friday-congratulations to everyone!


Rena - April 11

i couldn't keep it in-we tried but told alot of people at about 6 weeks


Nadine - April 11

Some say it is bad luck to tell before 12 weeks--a superst_tion...I told when I found out.


Stephanie - April 11

I know you are supposed to wait, but what will power if you can. We told everyone the minute we got out of the Dr.'s office with the picture and having just seen the heartbeat. We were only 6w1d at the time. Still not out of the woods, obviously, at 9w2d, but I just couldn't wait!!! Congrats to all!



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