9 Weeks Yeast Infection I Think Dangerous For Fetus

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annishel - May 1

Hi. I have not had yeast infections for 15 years and suddenly I started getting a case about 6 months ago or so. I purchased an antibacterial soap and it seemed to work wonders. It went away, but it came back like a week + ago (of course AFTER my OB appt, and well before next is scheduled), and while the soap provides some temporary relief ( I called to make sure it is allowed to use), it has not been going away. I am wondering if this is dangerous to a pregnancy and if I should make sure to take care of it quickly. Is there anything over the counter for pregnant use? Thanks for your help!


olivia - May 1

Call your OB for something. They can tell you the best advise as far as what to use. I would think antibacterial soap could compound your problems in the long run by killing your good bacteria which would naturally attack yeast. Did the OB recommend that? Don't worry about the baby, the yeast won't cause harm because your mucus plug prevents anything from entering your cervix during pregnancy. But do call and see if you can use over the counter cream or if they want you on something else.


clare - May 3

hi annishel it is normal some people will get them all the way through pregnancy all you can do is keep treating it im 23 weeks now(just popped in to see how people are feeling and if i could help with any questions) and have had thrush twice also my mum had it all through her 4 pregnancies. your doc should perscribe you with something to save you paying for it especilly if you get it a few times xxx good luck xx


sunshinekitty240 - May 4

definitely call your doctor. mine said that over the counter monistat is fine. also if you can eat yogurt do that once day the live l. acidophillus in it fights yeast infections and may prevent a recurrance...


smskam - May 4

Annishel: I had some itching twice ..once last month and then this month. NEVER HAD A INFECTION IN MY LIFE BEFORE!last month after a scanty AF and this month during the expected AF days..but instead of bleeeding I had itching.. went to the doc she checked me out and said there is no bacterial or yeast infection whatsoever..all is perfectly healthy..icouldn't believe it ...coz i was itchy for a couple days now,hadn't slept thru nights... and even when i was in her office i was so uncomforatble ..I explained that to her and she said may be it is a soap or lotion that i changed..i hadn't changed a thing!!! But basically she had no explaination...it went away miraculously when i bled the next morning ..scanty flwo again....so anything is possible .. u have to go to the doc..from what i have read yeast infection won't harm the baby as long as it is treated on time, but if left untreated it can harm ..or u can have premature labour etc.. so get to a doc asap.. good luck!! and i would stop using that soap... use an unscented soap..and that too little just to clean in shower.. coz that does put the ph balance off.. eat loads of natural yougurt everyday and cranberry juice and loads of water.. it helps flush ur system..


San_dee - May 7

Hi all, ive had a yeast infection already once during this pregnancy and i got it three times during my first pregnancy, very common. I talked to my doctor about it and he said that it does no damage to the baby or you its just really unconfortable, i got some over the counter 3 day cream stuff and its went away strait away. Ooh the relief. ha ha.good luck



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