9 Weeks Pg And Can T Eat Much

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marg - October 12

Hi, I am 9 weeks pg and for the past 3 weeks I have not been able to eat much at all because of nausea. I am trying my best but not with much luck. I am taking my prenatal vitamins though. I would say I've been getting only about 700 calories a day. I really am struggling to eat that much. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anything I can do? I am worried that my baby will suffer.


Janie - October 12

to marg- I am having somewhat of the same problem, but I am getting more than 700 cals/day. I am not sure what you are eating, but for me if I stay away from really greasy/heavy foods...I am able to eat more. I eat allot of cheese and crackers/toast/fruit/and I force myself to eat some animal protein (even though it makes me want to vomit). I am not much of a meat/poultry eater, but I know I need the protein for the babys development. I also put some peanut b___ter on bread and that tends to go down well. I guess you need to find what does not make you so sick feeling, and eat those foods. good luck.


marg - October 12

Thanks Janie, I appreciate your advice. I have also been able to eat peanutb___ter on bread and some fruit, but if I even look at meat or chicken I will be sick. Somedays I can eat eggs, but I don't know what else to try it seems like almost everything makes me sick.


Jen - October 12

I know exactly how you feel!!! The thought of food makes me sick!!!! I have been living off of water and animal crackers!! Although yesterday I was able to eat a shredded pork sandwich-I am sick all the time!! I never experienced this with my last two. I have a doc's appt later taody-if they give me any tips I will pa__s it along!!!!!


marg - October 12

Hi Jen, Thanks. I would appreciate your letting me know what your doc says. Hopefully, we can both sort this out soon.


Tess - October 18

Hi Marg! Im 9 wks 4 days along and I too have exactly the same problem as you are but I think Im getting more than 700 calories a day. I know they say should eat healthy foods and stuff for the baby bcoz 1st trimester is very critical for them coz they're still developing and stuff but sometimes instead of eating, u just feel like throwing up. I have that feeling right now. Im not sure (sometimes) on what to eat. I would crave on diff. kinds of foods but once Ive tasted them, Im done. **next plsssssss** I feel nauseated and over-fatigue once it hits noontime.......Let me know if you get any info or anything that you would be able to share w/ us.


Shannon - October 18

I have kind of the same problem, although I haven't had any sickness. For some reason I have no appet_te. I don't want to eat food, and when I think about eating I have no clue what I want to eat. SOmetimes I get really hungry but can't imagine eating anything. Like I think about food I can have but I don't want any of it. Does anybody have any help or advise??


Stephanie - October 18

Hi ladies, I am 12 weeks pregnant, and am finally able to eat right. I have been ill with nausea and vomitting since week 5. What I found is stopping my pre-natals because they were causing an icrease to my tummy troubles. I kept folic acid though. It does get better!!!! I can actually eat and not be sick after every meal. Oh the joy!


Leann - October 18

I am 8 weeks today and really thought i was going to be one of the "lucky ones" with no sickness. I have not yet vomited, but like you Marg, have not had any appet_te to eat. I try and choke some healthy calorie filled foods down, but it's difficult. My doctor recommended Ensure Healthy Mom. They have nutrition shakes, which aren't too bad and different flavors of snack bars. I also try to eat lots of fruit and drink ALOT! Goodluck, it's got to get better, right?


Janell - October 20

I am in the same situation too. Im almost 9-1/2 weeks and can only eat bagels, apples, and crackers. The only thing I can drink without gagging is water. I hope it gets better soon. Ive already lost 9 pounds.



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