9 Wks Pregnant 1st Time Already Showing Normal

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Rachelle - November 18

Hello, I am 9 weeks pregnant with first pregnancy, and feel I start showing, my cloth don't really fit, is that normal, when is the regular approx time one starts showing, I need to know I didnt tell my parents yet that I'm pregnant please help! is it normal?


m - November 18

Oooh girl, if you haven't told yet, you might want to get that over with. Once it starts, it really starts. And no, 9 weeks isn't abnormal at all to be showing. Some women don't show until 2nd or 3rd trimester. But others show early like this. I, personally, started showing at about 6 weeks with my 2nd child. 8-9 with my first.Every woman is different.


Rachelle - November 19

Thanks for your response. Does this indicate anything about the possible size of the baby if you show earlier that its bigger, or its got nothing to do with it? Thanks so much for your help I'm new in this!


m - November 19

I really don't think it has anything to do with the size of the baby. Just that your body adapts to pregnancy sooner... if that makes sense. My first son weighed nearly 9 pounds, my first one barely weighed 7. And I had them both about 2 weeks early. My mom didn't show for a while with my sister, and she weighed 11 and a half pounds. She was a toddler when she came out! But now, she's this little bitty 16 year old beauty that weighs about 100 pounds. YUCK! LOL


Kristie - December 1

I have a question. We are figuring that I am about five weeks pregnant. I will not go and see the doctor until the 13th of december, today is the first. I am having pains like I am getting my period and some are a little strong. I talked toa nurse and she asked if I stood all day at work and yes I do. She said to maybe stay home. This has been happening for about two weeks. Do you think that it is something to worry about or is it normal?


Claire - December 2

Kristie, First thing first I am 11 weeks now, i had similar sympt. You gotta rest don't stand all day on your feet, i know its hard if thats what you're used to do, but you have to look after yourself first now! see if you get some bed-rest if it gets better, if not call another doc for a second opinion, better sooner than later Good Luck!


christina - December 2

Yeah i am in the same thing to, i am pregnat to and my parents dont know i any one i the same problem u can email me Starlcd16 aol


Christine - December 2

PMS like cramps are very normal during pregnancy...I had them during my entire first trimester, and even still get that twinge in my tummy now every once in a while and I'm 21 weeks tomorrow...Try to take more breaks at work...Its not good to be on your feet all day or sitting all day...if you need a note from your doc that shouldnt be a problem..good luck


seleh - December 2

Hi Rachelle, I was definitely not fitting in my clothes at 9 week. Im thin but have muscle tone and my belly would stck out after I ate earlier in my pregnancy but by 9 weeks I was wearing maturnity shirts and unb___ton my pants.


chris - December 7

I am also 9 weeks pregnant and starting to show. I look at it as a good sign that the baby is growing if anything. good luck



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