9weeks Pg And Just Now Getting Morning Sickness

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MuzikGurl - May 9

Hello, I just found out from my dr. I am 9 weeks and 1 day today and I just started getting morning sickness, or at least I believe that's what it is. I'm hardly eating during the day it's like only one or two bites of something and I'm full or at least I feel full. It's strange I didn't have hardly any pg. symptoms and then like when I was 8 weeks 6 days I woke up all of a sudden and felt like I was gonna puke or poop...I felt like I had a virus but minus the fever. I was just wondering is this normal to get morning sickness this late in the 1st trimester??? I mean I know it's only supossed to last for 3 months which is ur 1st trimester but, since I started my morning sickness late does that mean I will have it during the 2nd trimester too??? I hope not. I hate this feeling. any answers would be greatful! thanks in advance!


muhrea - May 10

Can't be of much help, but I can tell you that many girls who are already in their 6th week or further still haven't had any or much nausea. It seems as though it's normal! Sorry you're having to go through it. I'm crossing my fingers that I still won't feel like that during my pregnancy. Oh yeah, I also had a friend who had NO pregnancy symptoms during her whole pregnancy except for having to pee all the time! Lucky girl.


ElizabethAnn - May 10

hey muzikgurl!, just wanted to share that i started feeling sick at 10 weeks!!!! now im 12 weeks and still feel sick all day. I have not thrown up yet, just a really bad nausious feeling all day with gags here and there.... I read on the internet that at around 10 weeks is when your hcg is the highest.. so its when you feel the most sick.. dont know if thats true, but i read it on the internet!! i thought i was in the clear! Hope you feel better soon! Happy Pregnancy


MuzikGurl - May 17

ElizabethAnn, I am now 10 weeks and it seems like the morning sickness has eased up..don't know if that's good or bad...but, I am hoping everything is ok down there I mean, the only symptoms I have been having is tiredness, breathing heavier, small cramping off and on on some days, eating more like I'm hungry every 2 hours, and my stomach will occa__sionally get b___terflies feelings like I'm nervous but I know I'm not....that's really it....I guess I should knock on wood then huh? I haven't had my first u/s yet only thing I had done is a pap smear, and blood work....and don't know the results yet of them...don't go back until 6/6/06 at 10am by then I should be 13 weeks.


frankschick2001 - May 17

My m/s started week 6. I am entering week 9 soon and am still sick as a dog. Only throwing up once in a while, but the sickness feeling last all day long and gets worse at night. When I get home from work in the evening, I literally just go to sleep. As it is my only escape! Sorry I am not much help. But I have not yet found a "cure".


olivia - May 17

Hi MuzikGurl. I was just thinking if you just found out you are pregnant did they just start you on the prenatal vitamins? They can cause morning sickness like symptoms. The breathing is normal, your body actually breathes diffently during pregnancy to use oxygen more efficiently. It sounds like you are doing fine, the hunger and nausea combo are pretty standard for first trimester. If you think the nausea has been related to a prenatal vitamin try taking it with a small snack at bedtime. good luck and congratulations!


Allicat70 - May 17

Hi Muzikgurl...my last pregnancy I also didn't get morning sickness until about the 9th or 10th week and thank god it only lasted about 4 weeks. I am now almost 7 weeks pregnant and still no m/s...I hope it stays this way...although I have had other complications! I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is so nervous about their pregnancy and what is normal and what isn't! (my last pregnancy ended at 24 weeks in January...so I am really nuts!!!) Good luck!


ezwaggy - May 23

Hi MuzikGurl, I'm 7 weeks and have pretty much the same symptoms as you and no m/s either - good to know someone else is similar! Congrats and good luck!


jan709vh - May 12

In my both pregnancies (elder is a girl and later boy) I was having major morning sickness, strong waves of nausea that I was unable to keep anything down without getting nauseous. No to morning sickness tea is a Godsend for me so far. This stuff is really great! I live by this! I usually need more than one cup as my morning sickness lasts most of the day.


cherryhui2019 - July 22

On my first pregnancy, I had to suffer nausea for consistently , but now I am on my second pregnancy.   There is not much nausea, but still little once in a while.    Did you try to get this Nausea pills from your maternity doctor?   The medicine is called Diclectin , it really help me to slow down my nausea.  


cherryhui2019 - July 23

Congratulation.   Once you start all your morning sickness, you can drink some gingerale , get your maternity doctor to prescribed you Diclectin ( Nausea pills for Pregnancy Women)



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