9wks 5 Days And No Symptoms

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maggie1 - January 20

Help..has anyone ever experienced this... I am scared cause I don't feel anything different yet!!


flipthea - January 21

Did u talk to your doctor? I think u should at least have some minor symptoms. I'm 10 weeks and I feel like I got hit by a truck sometimes. Although it's different for every pregnancy.


slackette - January 21

You might just be one of the lucky ones that doesn't have any symptoms. Have you had your first OB appt. yet? If so, and all seemed fine, you might want to buy or rent a fetal doppler just to put your mind at ease. Good luck, and I am sure everthing is fine!


debbie80 - January 21

Maggie- I honestly think you are just fine sweetie. I am 8.2 weeks pregnant and I havent really felt to much sick. Dont get me wrong, I have had m/s only 3 times and I am tired, but overall I feel just fine. I do not even have sore b___st or anything..some of us or just lucky!! I asked my doctor about two weeks ago my lack of symptoms and she said that I am a lucky one.... I have had two ultrasounds and both times we have heard a heart beat so I am not worrying...I dont think you should either =) there are many women who dont have symptoms and they are just fine! My friend who is 6.5 months pregnant and didnt even know until she was about 12 weeks!! Samething with my mom-had no symptoms with me...you will be fine


maggie1 - January 22

Thanks I had my first Dr visit today and he a__sured me that everything is fine and not to worry...I feel a lot better and excited I can't wait!!!!! Thanks for your thoughts


debbie80 - January 22

Maggie- I am glad that your appointment went well. Where you able to listen to the heart beat yet? I cant wait to go back next month to listen to it.. I am glad that things are good for you. And you are one of the lucky ones who dont have any symptoms! I just posted something and asked why am I always puking up my breakfast..sorry TMI there...but I just wonder these things..so you dont have any symptoms at all? Do you have sore bbs or anything yet? I dont, thats the only thing that worries me..but I figure if I am having m/s than I am fine..


maggie1 - January 23

Debbie..I can honestly say I have no symptoms yet..no sore b___bs either..Just no period..yeah! I may be lucky now..but I will probally have it hard at the end.. I never heard the heart beat..Dr said it would be too faint to hear..but he said everything was fine and for me to stop worring cause I will drive myself crazy...So I guess ot everyone gets sore bbs..maybe it will come in the next few weeks...everything will be fine!!!


debbie80 - January 23

Maggie- you are so luck y that you do not have any symptoms at all!! The only thing that I want is my b___bs to grow! lol.. my m/s has been kicking in like every other day now...ugh I just wish it would stop already...I will be 9 weeks on Friday.....when do you go back for your next appointment? I do not go back until I am 12 weeks, which seems like forever! I just pray that I make it that far..I have two m/c and a d/c in the summer time and I only made it to 9 weeks..so anything after this friday I will be happy... keep in touch and hope all is well =)



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