Somethings Gotta Be Going On

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CMAgrad07 - February 5

: ( My periods last 7 days...they've ALWAYS been that long. Back in January it only last 4 days. I just started bleeding on Friday and today my period's ending. Something weird also, I have constant nausea.. I don't eat alot and I can't tell if I'm hungry because all I feel is nauseated. I have a Dr. appointment set up and I'll def. ask about it but I noticed on this website it said that women with cysts get nausea and some other symptoms of pregnancy...So my whole thought process went from excitment I could be pregnant to worried I might have complications getting pregnant. : ( Wedding plans are going AWFUL and I'm just not in the mood to do anything, lol I'm so emotional and such a cry baby right now. The only people that make me laugh and smile are my girlfriends but I don't know if I should feel happiness around them or sad and upset because they are ALL pregnant..kind of depressing. Hope everyone else had a good weekend and will have a good day


CMAgrad07 - February 5

bump bump bump


aliciavr6 - February 5

Did you take a home preg test???


CMAgrad07 - February 5

I took one back in january but it was too early I think, thats what people were telling me atleast. Just, anyone ever had a cyst?? Did you have my symptoms?


jen327 - February 5

Have you done a pregnancy test? I got married in 04 and the stress of planning the wedding played havoc on my periods. They went from normal to a week late and only a few days. I would try and relax and take a pregnancy test. But most likely it is the stress.


crackersforme - February 5

I was also wondering about the cysts. Can they make you miss a period? I know they can change the flow...but make them disappear?


ROBYN - February 5

I got married 8 months ago and going thru all the infertility treatment sent me over the edge with major hormones and stuff i think in your case you will have to see what the doctor says because you probably at this point should get a positive test if you are pregnant. Good luck at your appt.


DownbutnotOUT - February 5

I had an ovarian cyst on my right ovary and I didnt have af for two months and even a false faint + on a HPT, there nasty and tricky. Anyway after I had af I started temping with fetilityfriend and drinking a soy drink and ended up preggers! I wish you the best with your wedding and hopefully a BFP very very soon :)


moescrilla - February 5

hi! I had an ovarian cyst for probably around 4 years before I found it (it was around 9 lbs at removal) I never had well women check ups until I got pregnant, so I never caught it until it was huge and causing allot of pain. Anyway, I never had signs of pregnancy, and never had a positive test. My periods were pretty regular too. It really just depends on your body I suppose. The only way to know for sure is go to the dr.


crackersforme - February 5

moescrilla....I know this might be a stupid question, but could you feel it when you pressed on your lower stomach?



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