Any One Due Around 28th Of Jan 07 From AUS

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tonilee7 - June 6

Hi , I found out when I was only 3 weeks that I was pg some people say this is impossible with a hpt as they dont read until after you have missed your period, I new I was pregnant before I took the test as I was tired, cranky and I was experiencing nausia already (and still am LOL), and as for my bbs they were beyond sore. I am now 6 weeks and 3 days and counting, I would just like to know if there is anyone else out there who is due near my date, as my fiance isn't really good to talk to about these things. As he is not going through it.......


lovelylady24 - June 6

Hi Tonilee I am suppose to be due Feb. 4th of 2007.


poppet - June 6

Hi Tonilee, I'm due Jan 18 '07. We live in Melbourne. This is my first and I'm 41, so I'm scared witless, being a much older first-timer. If you need someone to talk to, chat away!


tonilee7 - June 6

This is my second mind you there is 5 years between this one and my last one, I started young I have a 5 year old son and I had him when i was 16......when I was pregnant with my first I dont think I was as scared as I am with this one I think that may have been because I was only young and didnt really have an idea of the amount of things that can go wrong, where as this time I am a bit more scared as I have just seen my mum go through an eptopic and then a miscarrage and they were 2 sets of twins she lost.......and she was unaided. My mum has just turned 40 today and she is now going onto clomid to help see if it will make a difference, she has had 5 other kids but that was 10 years ago. I live in swan hill up near mildura, I am a stay home mum I just do a bit of work around my fiances bosses farm..........


Natashasmomma - June 7

Hi Tonilee My edd is Jan 29th 07! Were close!


tonilee7 - June 8

Yes we are awfully close aren't we it amazes me how many women are due around the same date there will be alot of new babies come into the world early next year going by this forum........were you women trying for a baby or did it just happen, if you were trying how long did it take you???? dont feel obligated to answer that question if you dont want to........


Natashasmomma - June 8

This is baby #2, My hubby and I have a daughter she will be 4 in August. It was planned, but we thought it would take a little longer then getting pregnant on the 1st try. But that was great. What about you?


jue - June 11

hi, I am 35 and preg with #3, my 2 sons are 13 and 16yrs. I have had 13 m/c in 3 yrs. me and my hubby (second husband) have been together for 10yrs but only married for 8.yrs. my dh had a vasectomy reversal so we could have a baby together. he has 2 sons from his first marriage like I do. I found out I was preg at11 dpo, I am now 7.2 weeks and due 26th jan 07. I have my first scan monday 12th june and my first anti-natal on thursday 15th june. I am excited and scared at the same time as with every m/c I had I got to my fist scan to find either no heartbeat or an empty sac. this time I have m/s and hungry at the same time, b___bs have gone up 3 cup sizes,, lost my s_x drive completley, tired but can't sleep past 7am each morning, peeing all the time, and worst of all none of my clothes fit so I am having to go and buy some maternity clothes already. apart from that I feel great. Oh yes I live in the UK on the boarder of wales.


lovelylady24 - June 11

My frist time trying was last month and was very surprised it happpened on the frist try.


poppet - June 13

I had an IUD removed approx. two years ago and we haven't used any contraception since. We took the att_tude that if it happened it happened, if it didn't it wasn't meant to be. So it's taken just over two years. I'm just glad I wasn't on the pill for years and years, as apparently it takes ages to work itself out of your system - I could have missed the boat entirely. My doctor advised only one in ten women over 40 fall pregnant, so I guess we'll never win tattslotto, hey!


Lala - June 14

Hello, My due date is also Jan 28! Yeah for us : ) I have a question for everyone (I posted on another thread). Did any of you notice a decrease in your symptoms around 7 weeks? I just feel so normal this week. I talked to the nurse today, and she said not to worry. It's hard not to worry about everything, though. best to you all and your little ones!


tonilee7 - June 14

thanks everyone for your replies but unfortunatley you are going to have to take this journey without me went in for first ultrasound yesterday after symptoms suddenly disapearing and as i suspected baby was dead had died a week ago but the sac had kept growing, Lala dont let anyone tell you it is alright for your symptoms to dissapear you do the right thing and do what i did go and get it checked out, i have had little to no bleeding and not one cramp the only indication that bubs was dead was having no symptoms, i am not meaning to scare you but i only found out yesterday and i dont wish it upon anyone else, i am absolutely devistated, i have till next wednesday to miscarry if I havnt I have to go and have a d/c.................good luck everyone on your pregnancies



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