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charee - March 2

How crazy, has anyone ever tried this?? It almost sounds just too good to be true.... so i am not sure if i buy into it or want to try it, its tempting but i dont want to get all excited about it and then find out something different in 6 weeks! ~~Just wondering if anyone has tried or had experience with this! You can go to intelligender dot com to look it up!!!


preggoplease - March 2

Hey charee! I ordered it and just got mine I'm not sure if its accurate or if its just a scam but I think its a fun thing to do. I'm not going to take the results seriously until it gets confirmed by u/s. I heard its "96% accurate", but I'm not sure if I believe it or not. I'm going to test next Thursday since you have to be at least 10 weeks and I will be 10 weeks by then. So I will let you know my results!


Tammy276 - March 2

I'm not trying to be rude, so please don't take me that way, but why waste the money? Every girls is curious as to what the gender is, but why waste the money when you can find out at your ultrasound?


preggoplease - March 2

It's just something that me and my 3 girlfriends who are also pregnant decided to do for fun, we have the money to spare, so decided to make a "preggo girl day" out of it. We are also going to do the old wived tale things liek the ring and hair test, ect.


preggoplease - March 2

Sorry I mean me and my 2 makes


charee - March 2

Hey i think that sounds fun!! Sure- i wouldnt take it as seriously as an ultrasound!! But who knows wouldnt that be crazy if what it says you are having is the same thing your ultrasound says??! =) Good luck Let me know what ya find out!


preggoplease - March 2

That would be very crazy! We can see how accurate it is because one of my friends who is doing it too is 12 weeks and the other is 11 10 weeks (this is by the time we test). So we will see how many of the 3 are the same as the u/s. I can't tell my df the results because he don't wanna know anything until the u/s confirms it! But I will definitly let you know!


DownbutnotOUT - March 3

Personally i would save the money, even if you have money to spare, and get a 3d/4d u/s and at least get some real cool keepsakes out of it.


charee - March 3

Yeah... i love the ultrasound photos, i got those really nice ones with my daughter, all together i had 3 ultrasounds i think. The first at like 21 weeks and we found out the s_x!!! =) And then i begged my DR at the end and got one, and the 3d/4d machine was broken and they let me come back again to get those!!! =) So cool... I cant wait for pictures of this baby, and to find out if its a boy or girl, im so anxious about 6 weeks left =) !!!


preggoplease - March 3

Well my doctor does the 3d/4d u/s anyway, so I wouldn't have to pay for that either. I love my insurance! lol. Me and the girls are going to make a sc___pbook with our "preggo girl day", so that I would consider as pretty good "keepsake" stuff. So I think I am just going to spend my money on what I want wether it works or not, might as well have fun with my pregnancy and not do things by text book. Thanks for the input anyway!


moescrilla - March 3

me and some people in my forum group did it. We all got boy results (3 of us took it) atheynd I know at least one of the girls would have had a girl (she miscarried around 14 weeks) So hers was wrong. I dont know about me yet. So, if that helps...I dont think its as accurate as they say. Google intelligender and read some articles from other girls about it.


charee - March 4

Heck yes, do what you want! I think that sounds so fun, and i would probably buy the kit for fun too.... but i dont have the extra money and i want to wait until closer to 20 weeks so i wouldnt have to wonder so long =) I actually kept both of my pregnancy tests from the first and this one also, kinda weird but i have a box of trinkets from the first and im sure i will get ones for this one too!! Have fun and good luck with the test =) ~~Charee


afireinsideamanda - March 5

where do you buy this? how do you do it? how much does it cosT?? how much more does 3d 4d ultrasound cost??


preggoplease - March 5

I got it from It was like $45 and it has this powder stuff in a cup and you pee in it and if it turns orange its a girl and if it turns green its a boy. It says its like 95% accurate but who knows if its true. I'm just doing it for fun. The 3d/4d u/s could cost anywhere from $100-$300 give or take, depending on where you go. I'll be taking mine this Thursday (you have to be 10 weeks).


moescrilla - May 5

ok...thought I'd bring this up again if it helps anyone. 3 of us girls did it a while back, and we all got boy results. 2 of us are having boys, and the other was having a girl, but she miscarried. I doubt its over 95 percent accurate if just us three people took it and 1 was wrong, but who knows? It was fun anyway...


January - May 5

Well you and the other girl each did it with 3 of you.. 2 out of the six were wrong.. but it was also a miscarriage.. so I'm wondering if it may have had something to do with the fact that there was something wrong with the pregnancy.


preggoplease - May 5

I was wondering where this thread went so I could post my results from it. I took it and it said I would be having a boy, WRONG, I am having a beautiful little girl! It was fun to do though. My friends took theirs and it said "boy" also for all of us. Theirs are actually boys. Has anyone taken it and got a "girl" result?



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