Morning Sickness

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Can`t deal wth it lol - June 27

omg i can`t deal with it lol, I don`t just get it in the morning i get it all day. And I can`t eat coz everything I eat just come back up. Is this normal like being sick after everythin i eat and having it all day, Im 5 weeks pregnant btw xx


bella - June 27

Hello, yeah its normal, i've been sick since day one, nothing is helping i'm in my 9th week now and i hear this is the worse week. I'm realllllll Tired of being sick 24/7 don't get me wrong i want this baby more than anything else but i mean come on all day everyday for 9 weeks this is a lil to much for me. I get sick very easly under normal circ_mstances the common cold would feel like the flu but being pregnant is a whole other ball game. I've tried the small meals, eating in bed in the mornings,lots of water before meals, not taking my normal prenatal vitimans, motion sickness pills, unisom and B6 combo, lemons, limes,ice cubes, lolly pops etc. I hear that Zofran and Phenergan are not such good ideas, something about bone development in the baby, from what i read online its not known if they cause birth defects but i've spoken to a pharmacist and i was told its not something i should take a chance with. if anyone else has any new ideas let us know.


LRK - June 28

Try ginger. Ginger ale with real ginger or the crystalized ginger they sell at health food stores. It soothes the stomach. My prenatal yoga instructor suggested peppermint candies. A little sugar can settle your stomach too. But don't eat too much sugar or you will get loopy (I do :) I am 10 weeks now, and finally I am having both bad days and not so bad days (can't say any have been good yet--but at least all are not horrible). I also carry around cheerios because light snacking helps the nausea. I hope you feel better! They say the second trimester is so much better, but that is little consolation to you now!


Angela - June 28

talk to your doctor. If you're throwing up more than once a day you may get dehydrated and he/she may be able to prescribe something for you. If it gets really bad, some people actually need to go to the hospital and have an IV put in. Don't freak out, but talk to your doctor.


heba - June 28

hi there i am 9 weeks and still have this morning sickness i used to take pills till last week then i found out that it dosen't matter it is the same ...i am hanging on there and counting everyday that pa__ses by i know that this will end by week 13 (second child) actually i found out that drinking cold kola makes me better so try to find out what makes u feel better even for a little while ....take care of urself


beth - June 28

Uhggg!! I am sooo sick. I'm only 6 1/2 weeks and been sick for a week straight and I already can't take it!! I don't know how I'm going to make it through this trimester. I even called out sick from work today because I can't stop gagging every 10 seconds. I'm also getting really bad headaches which i'm sure is just adding to the nausea. Can you take tylenol this early???? I just don't know what to do.


to beth - June 28

you can take tylenol, that is fine. I hear you all on the m/s--it is miserable and getting through work each day is practically impossible. I am trying very hard to look at this positively though, as I had a miscarriage in Dec, and no morning sickness with that pregnancy. Gag is right, but it is for a good cause (that is my mantra!!)


beth - June 28

Thank you for that. I know how you feel about embracing all the good, bad,and ugly pregnancy symptoms as they are all positive signs. I too had a miscarriage back in January. So, although I am currently feeling like death warmed over, I know that what I'm experiencing are all good indications of a healthy baby growing at an extremely fast rates inside. Thank you for the tylenol tip!! Best of luck to all!


Michelle - June 30

I just started my 7th week 2 days ago and I have been sick ever since. GingerAle really helps me, so I recommend trying that. I know it sucks, but like she said think of it as a good sign. Best of luck all.



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