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tonilee7 - June 8

I am currently 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant I just went to the toilet and wiped and found a light patch of blood not bright but it wasnt dull either (like what you get when you wipe when your period has just finished or just starting) I have no pain and when I wiped 10 minutes later alls I got was a tiny little brownish mark no bigger than a 5 cent peice. Please anyone who can tell me what this is.....reply as I am worried.....this morning I also went to the toilet and when I wiped I just got gooey whitish clear stuff like when you are ovulating........please someone tell me wether I should be worried or not


San_dee - June 8

it could be just implantation bleeding?? im not sure but ihear its very common to blead during first trimster just as long there isnt any clots or pain, :)


tonilee7 - June 8

well the bleeding has stopped now I just have very light brown discharge but i mean it is very light you can hardly see it so hopefully every thing is ok


Kira_lynn - June 8

Oh dont be tooo worried. Easier said than done. When i was 5weeks i had a gush of blood when i went pee. Then again at 8weeks. Doc and I pinned it down to s_x...i had a subcrohic bleed. Its all gone now, but i did have blood when i wiped (brown and red). If you're super worried tell you're doc and they'll probably send you for a an u/s. I've had 3 so far and im all ok! 13 weeks on tuesday!!


tonilee7 - June 9

thanks you make me feel alot better, I did ring the doc and he said to come in if it starts to bleed again and he will refer me for an ultra sound I am getting very minimal spots of light brown now so hopefully everything is alright, with my first pregnancy I had nothing not even spotting so it was a bit of a shock to see blood.......but I have relaxed now I figure being stressed out will not do me any good.


Britney23 - June 9

Hi tonilee. I was just wondering if you've already had a u/s confirming that the baby is in your uterus? I had an ectopic 5 1/2 months ago and thats how it started-although a little earlier, but it wasn't caught until 9 weeks. I hadf no pain whatsoever. I'm now preggers again - 8 weeks 3 days, and no bleeding, Thank God. But I have heard that its common to bleed in the first trimester- the uterus is still small and the baby burrowing into the lining causes some bleeding. So youre probably fine. Good luck!



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