All Day All The Time Morning Sickness

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Sunamee - August 29

I am approximately 6-8 weeks along and I am unable to eat anything. I am constantly nautious. What can I do?


Janet - July 4

Have you tried crackers by the bed, eatingon before gettin gout of bed. Ginger-ale may help. Also, I bought the "sea-bands" in the drug store. They are totally safe, side-affect free and they seem to help a bit. If your vominting is that bad, I would consult my doctor for a possible Rx. Good luck


jess - July 5

Also make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Even though you are having a hard time keeping food down, try taken in liquids. All of the vomiting can make you dehydrated, which can send you to the hospital so remember your fluids. Try to take your prenatal pills later in the day like before bed, Ive heard that they can somtimes make you naseated, and at least those vitamins will get absorb into your systom through the night, your baby will have a better chance of getting the nutrients that way. Eat samller portions of food at a time and try fruit, it tend to help me,I know what you feel like, I had the same problem with my daughter, this time around it has been easier. Good luck!


Cathy - July 16

I am 9 weeks along, similar problem. I've found soups- clear chicken broths with vegetables- help. A cool shower can cut down my nausea-- don't know why. Try bland food - chilled cucmbers, white fish and steamed rice-- that kind of thing. I hope this helps. Lord knows I'm tired of losing my meals these days, too.


Brandy - July 16

My "morning sickness has been all day sickness as well Sunamee. I have tried Scotch Mints - they worked in the beginning now seem to make me feel sick. I am now swearing by Gingersnap cookies. Anything Ginger is said to work wonders on morning sickness. If you aren't big on cookies try a Ginger tea blend. Good luck.


Emily - July 20

Don't worry! I had "All day sickness" from week 6 to week 9. I never threw up, but I felt so c___ppy and nausiated all day long. I couldn't eat, I just felt like I had a stomach flew all day long. Try sour things, and I found soups, such as tomatoe, or chicken broth worked. Also sleep alot to pa__s the time as well as drink. Other than that, it really sucks, but it will end soon. Trust me, I thought it would never end but it did. You feel like c___p, and feel like ending the pregnancy ...but you don't, but you wonder if its all wirth it, and it definatly is. So hang in there!!


Cerry - July 20

I'm not a cracker person so sucking on popsicles sometimes helps me feel a little better.


BECKY - August 6



Kathy - August 9

One thing that really worked for me was "excersie". It did the magic, although I am 12 weeks and still nautious if I don't work out. But I have always been a work out addict. Moderate walking or swimming is not bad either.


Amy S - August 15

Prego Pops! I found them online but now I have seen them at Babies R Us. I was sick for 6months with my second and they helped a lot. Spearmint gum and apples help too. Anything ginger--snaps, ale, tea etc..good luck..remember a sick mommy is a healthy pregnancy--that kept me going!


Lisa - August 24

I am 7 weeks and nauseated all day every day also. Something that doesn't help is that I have been in London for 3 weeks and I am travelling in Europe until mid-september. All the food is different here, so I'm having a hard time eating. I want saltine crackers, which are sold everywhere in the U.S., does anybody know if they can be found in Europe? I am so miserable and sick, nothing seems to help, so I haven't been eating which makes things worse, I know- but every taste and smell makes me ill (ugh, everybody smokes here and the air is so smoggy). I can't even drink ginger ale because there's too much flavor. I can't wait for this to end! Good luck everybody!


Violette - August 29

thank goodness I found this website! It made me feel better and gave me hope that everything will be good at the end. I am 9 weeks, I think.. My last period was June 23rd. And everyone says thats how far along I am, anyway...I am seeing the Dr. soon...1st vist 1st baby! Although I am really excited I have been really ill! I sleep a lot and everytime I wake up I start to feel c___ppy again. Really nauseated! I tried crackers, 7-up, water, gatorade, soups, fruit, popsicles and still feel like c___p!!! I hope it stops soon! It just makes it worse that I work 10 1/2 hours basically everyday and I am so tired and sick it makes me feel worse when I'm there! To make things worse I stand up all day and work with sick patients all day!!!... Another question...Flu like symptoms normal? I have had a bad stomach ache for about 2 weeks!!!!


Sandy - September 14

I have morning sickness all the time. I eat crackers, apples, drink lots of 7-up, or sprite sometimes have to have coke even with the caffiene to settle my stomach for even a few minutes. I even wake up at 2:30 am with morning sickness and barfing. I usually have dry heaves then. I have a neighbor who is burning wood in a campfire almost 24 hrs a day from Thursday to Monday am and this is making things worse. I have called the Fire Marshall and Mayor's office in my town.. something has to change. We moved in last November and ever since this Spring EVERY nice week end day they burn, I call the police and complain and they come out and put the fire out but it is hours before the air clears.. I am about dead from the smoke and the nausea.. I live in a more rural area in CT and I cannot believe I have to deal with this c___p... especially pregnant.. I cannot eat so many things.. My sense of smell has been enhanced since my pregnancy started 12 weeks ago.. I feel like this nausea and vomiting will never end.. the ultrasounds show good progress.. I am 43 so I am high risk.. end of this week will close the first trimester.. but I see no end in the constant nausea and my idiot neighbors burning. Any suggestions? I don't even want to go home to our new house at night, anticipating this smoke problem.. I am sick all the time.. eating crackers until I am constipated and eating apples.. chewing them well as they hurt so much if I don't when they come back up. Any suggestions?


Kim - September 15

Sandy: Sounds like you're trying to eat what you can to help the nausea. The only thing that works for me are cold fruity things, fruit, fruit juices, sherberts. And although caffeine is supposed to be kept to a minimal, it seems to settle my stomach, like cold mocha's. As for constipation, with my first child I took fiberall the entire pregnancy per doc's instructions and it worked like I charm. You may want to try it if you have not already done so. As for neighbors, they sound like idiots!! I suppose you've done all that you can by calling the authorities. Only other option would be asking them to knock it off as it makes you SICK!! Good luck!


Andrea - September 19

I am 12 weeks along and still very nautious. I heard someone mention prego pops earlier. Amy, if you are still checking this message board, (or any one who has heard of them) please let us know where they can be purchased; online or in person. I have lost 10 pounds and am desperate to end the morning sickness. Thank you and good luck to all of you.


vonda - September 19

dcrackers or drink ginger ale


Amy S - September 22

Hey Andrea--I just saw your message. try or 866-773-4443. I thought they helped. My son had a stomach virus and they even helped him! Good luck!!



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