Anyone Having Wierd Cravings Already

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momof3 - May 10

I am in my 7th week and have been craving things I don't normally eat in my diet. Our family never eats fast food (other than ordering pizza occasionally) but I have been craving cheeseburgers, fries, doughnuts,bagels with tons of creamcheese...all the WRONG things! Of course I don't indulge in these often, but I had my first doughnut and A&W mama burger in over a year at least! Lastnight I had a pickle craving and ate some, followed by a fudgesicle! I don't feel well after eating these kinds of things...normally I am a VERY health conscious person and eat alot of organic, natural foods. I can't stand veggies at all either! At this rate I will be 200 lbs by the end of this pregnancy!! Tell me your stories so I know I am not crazy!


sunshyne9 - May 10

Im pretty much the same way lol Im just over 12 weeks pregneat.. but when I was about 7 weeks and still now I can't eat "so called" normal stuff.. LIke a nice chicken b___st with veggies and stuff.. im the same way with veggies.. lol but im good with fruit.. so I guess while your having these weird cravings, just gowith what you can eat, try and get an extra gla__s of milk in there and some friut if youcan. It will be ok, soon enough youwill be able to eat normal again.. but your taste buds and your body is doing a total change lol Eat what you can stomach for now.. congradulations. is this yoru first child?


MM - May 10

When I was around 9 or 10 weeks, I wanted relish. So I got hot dogs so I could put ketchup & relish on them! (I usually only put ketchup on my hotdogs.) I feel like I could just take a spoon & eat out of the jar!


momof3 - May 11

HI sunshyne, no this will be my third child. I didn't have so many aversions with either of them though. I can't plan my familys dinners B/C everything healthy makes me sick! I drive my hubby crazy in the grocery store B/C I can't decide what I want to eat. Sometimes I send him once a day just to get things that I want to eat for that day. It is crazy!


momof3 - May 11

MM, I wonder what is in those darn pickles that these babies want!


San_dee - May 11

ha ha ihear ya.. i had a mean craving of pickled onions and ate a whole jar, then of course got violently ill cos i ate too much.. my thing now is ham with salt and vinegar potato chips on a sandwich..... mmm i could live on those


pattford - May 11

I love to eat!! Since monday(i was extremely sick), nothing sounds good. The thought of food makes me queezy. I'm not puking, so that's good. But a girls gotta eat.



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