BFP Do You Dream More At Night

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kim - October 4

i have read they when a woman is pregnant she happens to dream more at night and oftens remember them. has anyone gotten a bfp lately (or in early pregnancy)and noticed this fact or is it just a myth?


Marlene - October 4

Hi kim I'm not in early pregnancy anymore(almost 16wks) but i have been have more dreams that i can remember and they are very wierd!! I often wake up wondering why i would have such dreams.As i get futher along the dreams are turning into nightmares-the other night i had a dream my mother died and woke up crying!!Well to make a long story short i have noticed the dream thing to be true.Goodluck


Lynn - October 4

I never dream but since I've been pregnant, it's constant and vivid. Last night I dreamt that I was in a plane crash and then had to swim to a beach.


bean - October 4

I've always had very vivid dreams, even before I was pg. The other night I chose a middle name for my baby (if it's a boy) in my dream. Weird...


Tara - October 4

This is my fourth pregnancy 2 healthy and one miscarriage at 12 weeks and I am now 11 weeks pregnant. With all of my pregnancies I have had strange sometimes even very scary dreams and remember all of them.This pregnancy I have had horrible nightmares about losing the baby I think because I lost my last at 12 weeks. It leaves me feeling panicky and worried all day that something will go wrong.


M - October 5

I've been having very vivid dreams I can ACTUALLY remember!! I kinda think part of the the reason is because there's no alcohol in my system putting me in a deeper sleep, that and all the bathroom trips!


hi - October 5

it true.been pregnant twice had insane weird dreams.a few days ago i dreamed i had a snake crawling around inside my leg,doctor cut it out and it turned into a puppy???totally retarded i know, i decided to test early for pregnancy and it was BFP.


Summer - October 5

Yes! I'm 10 weeks pregnant and for about the last 6 weeks I have dreamt every night and remember them. I have two other children and I also had very vivid memorable dreams during those as well. Lately I have been having scary dreams about miscarrying or delivering way too soon. Last night I dreamed that I was having surgery performed in my stomach and I was worried because I didn't know what they were doing to me. Weird!!


fatima - October 6

I also have had very vivid dreams every day, and remember them, which i didnt before i got pregnant. All i dream about is my babie´s father, which is in jail and will miss out on the labor. I always dream he is out of jail. Wishful dreaming! =(


Lacy - October 11

I also dream all the time! I never dreamt before! Unfortunately most have been bad dreams! About snakes, or my husband cheating...its crazy


Trina - October 17

Hi. I am 10 weeks pregnant...and I dream sooooo much its crazy! And weird weird dreams too.


Its True - October 19

I am almost 8 weeks, and have been having a lot of vivid, long dreams. I've always been a sleep-dreamer, but these seem more "epic". If almsot feels like the dreams are running the length of my sleep. So when I wake up, I feel like I've been to a movie (haha). It is a pain in the neck because I never feel rested anymore.


pebbles - October 19

Yeah! I am in my week 7 and have been dreaming funny stuff every night.



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